Portable UV Light Toothbrush Sanitizer

Portable UV Light Toothbrush Sanitizer

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No matter how often you scrub and clean, microscopic critters will still thrive in the warm, moist environment of the average bathroom.

In fact, a single toothbrush can harbor millions of microorganisms - millions! -- which means it's a good idea to sanitize something that you put in your mouth several times a day if you want to reduce your chances of bacterial infection.


·      UV Toothbrush sanitizer has a powerful germicidal UV light kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs. The toothbrush holder fits most manual toothbrushes, as well as electrical toothbrush heads

 ·     It helps us kill harmful bacteria that cause infectious diseases, heart disease, stroke, respiratory infections, blood infections, etc.

 ·     Portable case design, The Toothbrush UV Sanitizer is lightweight, so you can always have a clean toothbrush no matter where you go, home or travel.

 ·     Stores & sanitizes a single toothbrush, electric head, durable, perfect for travel, made for children, teenagers, students, adults, & the elderly!   


Product Description:

Voltage: 2 AA batteries,NOT included 
Power: 0.5W 
Lamp Life: ≥ 8000H 
Operating temperature: 5-50

UV intensity: ≥ 250u W 
Ozone concentration: ≥ 0.01ppm ≤ 0.05ppm 

Easy to use:
1. Make sure toothbrush head is facing the UV light
2. Close cover to start the automatic sanitizing 
3. Sanitizer turns itself off after 6-8 minutes 
4. Your toothbrush is now germ-free and ready to be used again