#1 Round Detail Paint Brush Set. Miniature Brushes for Detailing Art for Acrylic Watercolor Oil -

#1 Round Detail Paint Brush Set. Miniature Brushes for Detailing Art for Acrylic Watercolor Oil -

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Brand: D'Artisan Shoppe


  • Do you build scale models and go through a lot of detail brushes? Or have a hard time maintaining the tips of your hobby paint brushes? Hate cleaning your art paint brushes every time you turn around? Buy these miniature paint brushes. Save your expensive sables by using these small paint brush for your micro detail painting.
  • Comfortable triangular handles gives you a good grip to keep your hand steady when using these model paint brush set. Offers great control and ideal for wargaming miniature painting such as Warhammer 40K, Army Painter, painting mini's like games workshop, DnD miniatures. No more hand cramping compared to thin paint brush variants.
  • If you're looking for art brushes for facepaint, miniature painting, rock painting, paint by numbers painting, nail, craft, oil painting brushes, liner brush in body painting - look no further. Synthetic set of 4 x Point Round #1 detail brush with durable brass ferules. No loose hair means no picking bristles of your canvas painting with these small painting brushes.
  • If you want entry level affordable paint brushes for acrylic painting with a decent fine tip, you can't go wrong at this price for detail work. You get 4 identical size model brushes compared to 1 expensive GW or W&N detailing paint brush. Get the exact size you want without unnecessarily purchasing a complete set. We also sell 0 and 000 paint brush sizes in our Fine Tip paint brushes Series to complete your miniature painting kit.
  • An idea gift for table top gamers needing miniture paint brushes or artists doing paint by numbers for adults. This acrylic brush set comes with a free reusable zipper pouch with 4 thin paint brushes of the exact same size. Ideal for the beginner or artist who needs bulk model paint brushes.

Publisher: D'Artisan Shoppe


Do you paint small figurines or miniatures? 

Looking for small paint brushes to paint fine lines or details? 

Confused with all the art supplies and not sure if you need watercolor brushes, acrylic paint brushes, oil paint brushes, craft paint brushes or even a gouache paint set would work? 

These artist brushes are perfect for all your detail painting. 

This small paint brush set have 4 fine tip paint brushes (all same size 1 painting brush) in one nifty zippered plastic paint brush holder. 

These art brushes are perfect for micro detail brush work: 

◆ Easy grip handle for greater control and less tired hands. 

◆ 4 identical sizes round #1 brush - buy only your favorite mini paint brushes in bulk; more affordable than buying sets with sizes you don't need. 

◆ Quality nylon bristles secured in brass ferrules; no more loose hairs on your model or canvas. 

Suitable for:

  • oil
  • acrylic
  • watercolor
  • gouache
  • enamel
  • citadel paint
  • metallic
  • art painting
  • face painting
  • DnD figurines
  • Reaper miniatures
  • detailing
  • craft
  • modelling
  • ceramic
  • doll painting
  • watercolor tools
  • face paint brushes for thin lines
  • paint by numbers for adults
  • any work that needs detailing paint brush for fine lines or ultra fine points. 

D'Artisan Shoppe specialize in paint brushes unlike other copycat brands. Designed by artists for artists. Trusted by painters, educators, professional artists needing quality artist paint brushes. Click ADD TO CART to grab this thin brushes for painting.

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 3.0 x 0.6 inches