Why wait for Christmas to decorate the staircase when Fall itself suggests some bright and vibrant ideas of decoration? Let this Autumn bring a fresh décor inside out in your homes

Although Christmas comes with lots of decorating items, fall also brings tons of ideas to make your staircase look beautiful, if not salient.

Here are 30 amazing ideas to help you prepare a new outfit for the staircase this fall. Don’t think too much and use pines, garlands—the simplest, feathers, pumpkins, and vegetables, mix them up with lights and candles and bring the attention of your visitors to this newly decorated staircase.
1. Solar Acorn Collection
Credit: It D Commodities

Give your guests a festive lighted through your staircase. Make them feel like they are having a walk in a wonderland by wrapping your staircase handrails in acorn string lights. Two Acorn stakes will complement the lights and strings perfectly with orange, yellow lights giving a cozy and warm welcome.
2. Fall Garlands
Credit: Living rich on less

Don’t wait for Christmas, invest in some lightings and fall garlands to bring Autumn to your staircase too. The staircase is often overlooked during Fall decorations. Why? Because we never give it a thought. With simple garlands, lights, and pumpkins, you can get a simple, yet unforgettable DIY staircase décor.
3. Yarn Pumpkins

Can’t buy lots of pumpkins? No worry, we can make one with yarn. These little yarn pumpkins look gorgeous on their own and even better in groups. Make the best use of old sweaters and start pulling out long yarn threads—if you don’t have one—out of them. This DIY makes the use of balloons and yarns to make pumpkins. The full tutorial is available at One Little Project.
4. Handmade Holiday Goodies

Contrary to popular use of plain pumpkins for staircase decoration, you can actually get yourself little white pumpkins, hand-lettered, that says “cheers”, “Welcome fall”, “give-thanks”. These are so cute to be ignored, and they are so personal, sweet, and charming that your guests are going to love them. You can get one on Etsy.
5. Assemble A Ghostly Figure

With Halloween soon after fall, how about a fall and Halloween décor combo, which will give “dressed to kill” an ultimate meaning. This Pumpkin headed specter will gladly greet your guests and watch their way up staircase very attentively. Carve a grimacing jack-o’ lantern, attach it to the top of a dressmaker’s dummy available here, and finally, drape a tattered cheesecloth. Your figure is ready and it’s time to start positioning it in the foyer.
6. Lanterns and Pumpkins

Illuminate your stairway by investing in some pretty, customised-for-fall lanterns at online shopping stores. The idea behind this is to decorate some portion of the staircase with lanterns and pumpkins to avoid over-decoration. This also eliminates the chances of overcrowding and thereby reduces expenses too.
7. Jack-o’-lanterns
Credit: Family circle

Even with minimalist embellishments with right details and decoration, your boring staircase can become the center of attraction for guests. Stay simple and start drawing a face with a pencil on dark green gourds. Use a lino cutter to scrape off the pumpkin’s skin inside the marks about 1/7 inches deep. This will expose the flesh. For white squash, scoop out the pulp by cutting a hole at the bottom, draw a face and finally carve out shapes with a knife.
8. White-Lazy décor
Credit: Delicate Creature

You are exhausted from decorating the house, but also you don’t want the staircase to be out of place, and on top of it, you are lazy! How come you are going to do anything? Well, folks, this is the easiest, simplest, but elegant way of decorating the staircase. You will need a lot of pumpkins and place them on both sides of the stairs. As simple as that. Surprisingly, this monotone look also makes up some pretty eye-catching scenery in your staircase.
9. Autumnal Berries and Pumpkins

To cover up too much of simplicity in the staircase, show off the beauty of these berries by fixing them in small holes of pumpkins. They are available at Amazon and can be used for decorating other places. Also, the leftover berries sticks will make a beautiful wreath that can be hung over foyer to enhance beauty. Shop Faux Berries.
10. Hang on the pines
Credit: Family Circle

If you are left with small pines and don’t know what to do, then make a garland out of pines too! Fall décor is all about garlands of pines, maple leaves, etc. All you need to do is, tie the pines with twine and hang it on the railing of the staircase. A simple, but modern staircase décor.
11. Paper mouse and Tattered-looking Cloth

This Halloween inspired fall décor. Apart from lighting the faces of every stair, you will need to paste paper mouse and drape the tattered black net cloth in a specific way as shown in the picture. For more illusion, you can add black painted fall leaves and arrange them at the bottom of the staircase in between the cloth. Organize a Halloween Party and enjoy it.
12. Knitted Acorn Garlands
Credit: Hello Lidy

Garlands are simplest and cheapest way to decorate. Instead of sticking to the same maple leaves garlands, make eye-catching fall acorn garland. Instead of simply placing acorn in vases and baskets, use bright pompoms to knit acorns and make a beautiful garland for the stairway. If you have some knowledge about knitting, then show off your art, otherwise pop over to Stitchy Impressions to buy these.
13. Pumpkins carved with drills.
Credit: Crafty Nest

Decorate the stair with some drilling. Undoubtedly, your hands will ache after drilling the requisite minimum amount of pumpkins for stairs, but the effort is worthy. To start with, decide the pattern and start drilling. Use tapes to drill symmetrically. After drilling scoop-out the pulp by removing an upper lid from the pumpkin. Insert a candle lantern in it, and position the lid at its original place. If you failed to cut out the lid nicely, glue some flowers to hide the irregularities.
14. Basket of leaves and Christmas lights.

A pretty basket with autumn leaves and light can effectively bring décor to the staircase. All you need to do is, fill the basket with variously sized- colored pumpkins, leaves, and lit it up using Christmas lights. This along with a garland on the banister will complete the decoration in a beautiful way.
15. DIY Decorative Leaf Bowl
Credit: Craft Unleashed

Pinterest is brimming with these DIY Mod podge and artificial leaves craft. Honestly, they make perfect decorative pieces for the staircase, kitchen counter, the centerpiece for Autumn. For this, you need artificial Autumn Maple leaves, plastic bowl, mod podge matte, Krylon triple thick glaze, and plastic wrap.

Start with covering the bowl with plastic wrap and paste maple leaves using mod podge onto the bowl. Cover the wet leaves with more plastic wrap to help them stick together and let them dry. Spray Krylon triple thick glaze to make leaves firmer. Once it’s dried completely, use them to decorate the staircase by filling them with flowers, pumpkins, etc.
16. Yarn Pumpkin Garlands
Credit: Design Improvised

This DIY involves making pumpkins from yarn pom-poms and making a garland draped around the banister for décor purposes. Within 5 minutes you can make a pumpkin and in the next 20 minutes, your garland will be ready. Begin with wrapping yarn around four fingers for 100 times, then use another 10-inch piece of yarn to tie the big yarn loop from the center. Use 2-inch green pipe cleaner and wrap it around itself to form a stem. Now tie the pumpkin around the twine and make your garland.
17. Fall Leaves Potted Topiary Tree
Credit: Home Talk

With fall decoration on full swing, one cannot forget to add this cheap, easy, and pretty tomato cage fall topiary trees to fall décor. For this DIY, you will need tomato cage, fake fall leaves garland—just enough to cover the tomato cage completely, and clear Christmas light. Start wrapping the garland around the tomato cage and carefully tuck the ends in so the leaves won’t unravel. After completely covering the cage, start winding Christmas light around the leafy tree, and your tree is ready! Place it on a table near the staircase. You can extend the fall leaves garland decoration to banister too.
18. Candy Corn Pine Cones
Credit: Who Needs Escape

Pines are great for decorating, especially in Fall. These Candy Corn pine trees are, a fun, inexpensive, and fast decorating method. You will need similar-sized pine cones; spray paint in white, yellow, and orange; Mod podge and brush; and glitter in orange, white and gold. Begin spraying orange on the entire cone. After it dries, spray white at the bottom and tip with yellow. Apply mod podge at the scale tips of cone, and sprinkle appropriately colored sparkle. Place them on either side of each stair and even stick them using double-sided tape.
19. Pumpkin Candy Holder
Credit: Gorg Fab Goodies

These candy holders are available at almost any thrift store at a very cheap price. Just a bit of modification here and there, and you can use them to decorate your staircase or porch. You need to paint them with Hammered Rust-Oleum spray paint and let them dry. Now you can add autumn leaves, flowers, berries, etc. to make vases. Put them on alternate stairs to bring out the decoration.
20. Lighted Decorative Harvest Garland

This Amazon product features decorative fall lights with ever-changing autumn leaves. Add Autumn cheers to the interior or exterior of home this Fall using these. Available at a very inexpensive price, they can effectively cover windows, railings, and even doorframes. Buy now on Amazon.
21. Lantern Makeover for staircase décor.

Lanterns are always an option to decorate staircases. However, a simple lantern might not be able to give a satisfied look when comes to Fall decoration. To make them look beautiful, Etsy gives a whole lot of options to decorate lanterns. These pretty lantern wreaths will definitely provide a joyous appearance at your staircase.
22. Stairway Wall Art.
Credit: Touch of Class

It isn’t necessary to have a wide staircase. If you too have a narrow staircase, why not move the decoration to the wall. Fall decoration can further be expanded to wall art. And this Harvest Stairway LED Canvas Wall Art is one such option. The candles in the art glow from inside each lantern. It comes with convenient on/off switch and features flickering lanterns.
23. DIY Autumn Leaves Fairy Lights
Credit: Wall Flower Kitchen

This DIY craft takes is a string of fairy light, a collection of beautiful fall leaves, waxed paper, and some uhu glue. To preserve leaves, sandwich them between wax paper and iron it a few times. Once the leaves are dried, glue them to the light bulbs of string. Now hang them on railings and banister to bring Autumn décor to your house.
24. Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece.


Succulents are ideal with pumpkin for Fall decoration. For the look as in the picture above, cut off the top of the pumpkin and replace the pulp with well-draining soil and succulent. Drill some holes at the bottom of pumpkin too. Spray paint the pumpkin according to the festival as this arrangement can last longer than three months. You can fill up the bottom of your staircase by making pumpkin-succulent families.

Via Succulents and Sunshine
25. Direct Craft package of Red Berries

These rich red berry stems are available at Amazon. Each pack contains 24 Rich red berries stem. Buy a couple of packs and by using a ribbon, tie them on the banister of your stairway. A simple trick for fall decoration in 10 minutes. Furthermore, you can fill vases with the berries to complement stairway decoration with the living room. Buy them here.
26. Fall Wreaths
Credit: Lowes

They are undoubtedly the best way to decorate homes and greet guests. These customized Autumn accent wreaths are made by a playful mixture of berries, pinecones, maple leaves, faux feathers, gourds, and pumpkins. Gather a few of them and hang on the handrails using a ribbon.
27. Illuminating stairway with Wood and candles
Credit: Marthastewartweddings

This décor surely screams ‘class’, ‘elegance’, and ‘peaceful’. To achieve this arrangement, you will need differently sized cylindrical wooden logs—about 1-foot-tall to 4-inch-tall, candles, cylindrical columns, and green garlands. Drape the garland on the banister and place the logs in a pack near the bottom of the staircase. Place the candles in a transparent cylindrical column and illuminate them.
28. Apple and Maple leaves garland
Credit: Home Spun with Love

Why stick over to simple garlands when we can create some unique one at home. For this garland, we need Dollar Tree red apples, craft maple leaves, embroidery threads, needles, and scissors. Decide on your pattern, cut the thread of required length, and start stringing apples and leaves in the desired manner. Once completed, hang them on your handrails.
29. Modern Paper Pumpkins.
Credit: Love Decoration

Call your kids and assign this task to them. Yeah, it is that easy! Start with selecting the color of paper to be used for making pumpkins. Cut out 5 circles of 8 cm radius and fold them through the diameter. To give the shape of regular pumpkin, make the curves at the top and bottom using scissors, Attach the halves of each circle to form pumpkins. Using brown thick yarn thread, make a loop in the pumpkin, and use the other end to hang it on handrails of the staircase.
30. Turn your staircase into a fairy tale.

This decoration will bring festive this fall, sustain the cheery atmosphere through Halloween’s until Christmas Eve. This might be quite expensive but appears beautiful from every angle. This décor calls for using lots of pinecones, berry stems, greenery, ribbons, and ornaments. To decorate home for fall, stick to pinecones, greenery, and berry stems. Start with tying long brown yarn threads to pines, berry stems, and greenery. Hold a couple of threads together and tie them together from the railings in symmetrical way. Add ribbons when Christmas is approaching!

The beginning of Autumn brings enthusiasm to decorate home. Fall gives freedom of decorating homes according to your will. The staircase is often overlooked. But these 30 fall staircase decor ideas will make sure your stairway becomes the center of attention this year. Let this year bring cheers to your left-out banister and stairway. Get inspired and start decorating. It’s September already!

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