This Toothpaste Tube Hack Will Seem So Obvious Once You Know

Getting the very last out of something is an obstacle we regularly meet in our daily lives. Whether it’s peanut butter from a jar, the ketchup in a bottle or the toothpaste from a tube, in truth, the average person often falls short of cleaning out every last drop. But what if we told you about an obvious toothpaste tube hack that will leave you questioning your tooth-brushing existence? It’s so obvious that you’ll be questioning why you never thought of it before. We are, of course, talking about the best toothpaste dispensers. Read on to discover more.

Natural instinct often leads to squeezing toothpaste from the middle of the tube. While this does complete the task of applying paste to the brush, it is not the most efficient use of toothpaste. In addition, the practice of passing toothpaste from user to user and storing it on the edge of your bathroom sink does not encourage a hygienic environment. A great way to get the most from your toothpaste, and stay on top of cleaning standards, is with one of these handy dispensing devices. 

Automatic toothpaste dispensers are both hygienic and convenient, as they enable no-contact application. Other types of toothpaste dispensers, which promote similar benefits, are vacuum extrusion pumps and a more traditional, twist-to-squeeze design. Whichever style of dispenser you choose, there are a few benefits that remain consistent:  

Storage – A mounted toothpaste dispenser gives you a set place to leave your toothbrush, ensuring you don’t misplace it while also keeping things neat and tidy. Many models also accommodate numerous toothbrushes, making them a convenient answer for both single and multi-person households. It really eliminates the question of where to leave the tube in between brushes. A messy bathroom goes against the purpose of the space, and keeping both toothpaste and toothbrushes off of the sink surface is a wise move.

Hygiene – These handy devices help avoid clogged toothpaste around the top of the tube or getting paste all over its sides. They also promote a much more hygienic environment for keeping your potentially germ-filled toothbrush. That’s why, in addition to no head-to-head storage, it’s recommended that you clean this bathroom gadget at least once a week.

Waste – Over many years, leaving a little bit in the bottle, jar or tube can add up. For this reason, squeezing every last ounce of paste from the tube is a great way to minimize waste and help the environment. For the most part, this is why these devices were invented, with this goal still at the core of their purpose. This is also the reason many designs have developed an automatic dispensing function. Not only does it squeeze every last inch from the tube, but it also prevents you from overfilling your brush with paste, too.

Although predominantly designed for toothpaste, dispensers are also a fantastic addition to kitchen and hobby spaces, too. 

We’ve rounded up the eight best toothpaste dispensers available to order on Amazon. A range of automatic, manual and pump styles are included, all of which are sure to make brushing time a lot more enjoyable and more hygienic, too.
   1. Wekity Toothpaste Dispenser

Made of food-grade environmental polymer, the Weekly Toothpaste Dispenser is a top-quality bathroom gadget. It has over 3,000 reviews, a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and features dual automatic toothpaste dispensers. Vacuum technology applies pressure to ensure every last bit of toothpaste is squeezed out. On either side of the central dispensers are two large gargle cups which are available in grey, blue or pink. There are also two smaller cups located behind the dispensers, and all four cups are secured in place by magnets.

Buy: Wekity Toothpaste Dispenser $19.99
   2. LoveInUSA Toothpaste Dispenser

Go back to basics with the LoveInUSA Toothpaste Dispenser. A random selection of four yellow, pink, white or blue pieces is included with each order, all of which are made of durable plastic. To use, slot in the end of your toothpaste tube, and then pull the tube through to the point required for the correct amount of toothpaste to be released. No batteries or power are needed for these dispensers, just a little strength. They measure 3.5 by 1.4 inches and have a hole at the top for hook storage, allowing gravity to push the paste to the nozzle.

Buy: LoveInUSA Toothpaste Dispenser $4.99
   3. iHave Toothpaste Dispenser

Focused completely on being a dispenser rather than a toothbrush holder or cosmetics unit, the iHave Toothpaste Dispenser is a compact design available in grey, pink or black. Integrated dual position technology enables different amounts of paste to be released to suit both kids and adults. Adults should hold their brush toward the top of the opening whereas kids should use the lower section for a smaller application of toothpaste. This clever gadget is made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic and is designed with an elastic interface adaptable to most toothpaste tubes.

Buy: iHave Toothpaste Dispenser $6.99
   4. Wikor Toothpaste Dispenser

Two small devices are included in the Wikor Toothpaste Dispenser kit, namely the dispenser itself and a toothbrush holder which can store up to five brushes. To release the toothpaste, apply pressure to the inside lever with the end of your toothbrush. By doing this, the vacuum extrusion pump delivers a consistent flow of paste. For installation, adhesive stickers are included in the pack. These attach firmly to flat surfaces, such as tiles and glass. Once stuck in place, each fixture slots on top, making it easy to remove the device for weekly cleaning.

Buy: Wikor Toothpaste Dispenser $9.99
   5. LEPECQ Toothpaste Dispenser

A gentle push against the inside lever of the LEPECQ Toothpaste Dispenser releases the paste inline with the head of your brush. The minimalistic design means the device is completely focused on its soul purpose rather than doubling up with other functions. Although the dispenser is compatible with most types of toothpaste, it’s not suitable for Sensodyne. To fix the device to the wall, first install the wall-side adhesive layer, and then slide on the dispenser. Please note, it’s recommended to leave the dispenser in place for 24 hours prior to using it.

Buy: LEPECQ Toothpaste Dispenser $8.99
   6. XYKEEY Toothpaste Squeezer

Made of stainless steel and available with a black, coral, gold or silver finish, the XYKEEY Toothpaste Squeezer is a stylish travel gadget for waste-saving purposes. To enable a comfortable rotation of the hand which pushes the paste forward, this device has been ergonomically designed. It works both clockwise and counterclockwise to release the pressure slightly if need be. Because of its small size, this device is ideal for packing into your wash bag and works best with tubes 2.5 inches in circumference or less. As the tube empties, the excess packing is rolled into the case of the dispenser to stop it from flapping around.

Buy: XYKEEY Toothpaste Squeezer $10.98
   7. Boperzi Toothpaste Dispenser

Two at a time is no problem for the Boperzi Toothpaste Dispenser, as it features dual dispensers side by side. The vacuum extrusion pump attachment is suitable for tubes with a thread of under 0.47 inches. As an added bonus, up to four toothbrushes can be stored underneath the dispenser, including heavier electric models. And, when you’re not using either your brush or the dispenser, the solid cover closes to keep the fixtures out of sight.

Buy: Boperzi Toothpaste Dispenser $11.49
   8. TuCao Toothpaste Dispenser

For a modern-looking, well-designed and highly useful bathroom gadget, look no further than the TuCao Toothpaste Dispenser. This device features a storage drawer, a top display tray and space for two toothbrushes, two cups and toothpaste. The two gargle cups hang upside down when stored and are held in place by reinforced magnets. This position is great for ensuring no moisture is retained in the cups when they’re washed. The full device is made from non-toxic ABS plastic. Plus, the dispenser is fully automatic, so you just need to place your toothbrush into the opening to kick it into action.

Buy: TuCao Toothpaste Dispenser $19.99
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