This Is The Only Toilet Brush That Doesnt Gross Me Out

toilet brush

As a blogger who frequently writes about homemaking topics, I can rarely resist a cleverly designed household item. The everyday items we use to keep our homes in order may never be life-changing, but finding the right one can certainly be life-improving!

So it really shouldnt come as a surprise that todays post is dedicated to toilet brushes (or rather, one specific toilet brush!) Because if theres an idea or product out there that makes the work of homemaking a little bit easier, I want you to know about itespecially when it pertains to a task as unpleasant as scrubbing a dirty toilet!

toilet brush

A New & Improved Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes are designed to do a relatively yucky job, but that doesnt mean the brush itself has to be yucky! And yet, most standard bristled toilet brushes do get that way after a while.

On top of that, they dont always even work particularly well! Those bristles arent great at getting into all the nooks and crannies inside the toilet bowl.

I recently decided to try a new silicone toilet brush that I found on Amazon, and I cant believe I didnt know about them sooner! Here are 4 of the best reasons to ditch your old toilet brush and upgrade to a new silicone model.

4 Reasons To Make The Switch To A Silicone Toilet Brush

toilet brush

1. Better Design

This particular silicone toilet brush was designed much more thoughtfully than the old bristled toilet brushes. One of my favorite features is the upper edge of the brush, which fits snugly underneath the toilet rim and scrubs away hidden grime.

And while most toilet brush holders are pretty plain, this one is both attractive and functional! It can hold both the brush and your bottle of toilet cleaner, so everything you need is always at the ready!

toilet brush

2. Less Dripping

Bristled toilet brushes take time to dry. Youre often left with drips both on the way from the toilet to the brush holder, and within the holder itself.

But that isnt an issue with silicone toilet brushes, because silicone repels water. After scrubbing your toilet bowl, just give it a good shake and the water will slide right off!

toilet brush

3. Stays Cleaner

The forest of bristles on a standard toilet brush makes a great hiding place for grime and bacteria. But when it comes to this silicone toilet brush, germs have nowhere to hide!

The surface is non-porous, and the bristles are more widely spaced so its easier to rinse clean. Plus, since it dries so quickly, you wont have to worry about mold or mildew growth.

toilet brush

4. Saves Money

Silicone is extremely durable, so you can expect a silicone toilet brush to last a long time. Unlike a standard toilet brush, it can stand up to frequent use and harsh toilet cleaners, and its bristles wont fray or lose their shape.

Upgrading to a silicone toilet brush is a smart investment that will save you money over time!

toilet brush

Silicone Brushes: Not Just For Toilets!

  • Silicone brushes arent only useful in the bathroomtheyre great for the kitchen too!
  • This silicone bottle brush reaches deep into water bottles, tall vases, and other hard-to-clean items with ease, and is easy to rinse clean.
  • This silicone sponge scrubs away grease and grime, dries quickly, and will outlast any standard kitchen sponge!
  • These durable cleaning tools offer a great way to save money while cutting down on household waste.

Tell me about a household product that has made your life easier in a comment below!