This $20 Kit Has Everything You Need To Clean Your Cast-Iron Cookware With Ease

While cleaning cast-iron cookware isn’t rocket science, it’s not self-explanatory, either. Should you use soap? And what kind of brush should you use? The kit from Lodge provides you with everything you need to clean your cast-iron cookware the right way.

Lodge Cast Iron Cleaning Kit


Complete with a polycarbonate pan scraper, a silicone handle holder, a 6 oz. spray bottle of canola oil, and a plastic scrub brush with nylon bristles, Lodge’s kit makes cleaning your cast-iron skillets super easy. Hit add to cart and keep scrolling to learn how to clean your cast-iron cookware in four easy steps.

How to clean cast-iron cookware in 4 easy steps
1. Wash it with soap and water

You should always wash your cast iron by hand as the dishwasher can cause it to rust. Like any cookware, cast iron can be cleaned with soap and water. But Lodge says to be sure you use a small amount of soap—you want to remove whatever mess you made not remove the oils, or seasoning, that’s baked into the pan. Use the nylon bristle brush and, if needed, the pan scraper to loosen caked-on food. Lodge cautions against using steel wool or a metal scrubber to clean your pans—reserve those for rust removal when re-seasoning the pan.

2. Don’t soak to remove hard-to-remove food

For really stubborn debris, avoid the urge to soak your cast-iron cookware. Instead, add a bit of water and set it on the stovetop to simmer for three to five minutes. Then follow-up with the scraper after the pan has cooled.

However, if you do leave your pan in water for too long and it develops rust, your pan is still good to use! For a few rusty spots, simply remove the rust and continue on with the following steps.

3. Dry promptly

As soon as your cast iron is cleaned, immediately dry it with a lint-free cloth, like the below microfiber towels or a paper towel. It’s essential to remove the water ASAP to prevent rust.

Design Imports Stripe Microfiber Dish Towels in Grey (Set of 4)

4. Add oil

Rub a very light layer of the seasoning spray or cooking oil onto the surface of your cookware. Rub the oil into the surface of your cast iron with a paper towel until no residue remains.

If, like me, you’ve had a cast-iron skillet sitting unused in your cabinet because you don’t have what you need to clean it, just add this kit to your cart and get ready to enjoy all the versatility of your cast-iron cookware.

Once you’ve got your supplies, try making this cast-iron skillet apple crisp:

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