The Best Paintbrush Sets For Beginners and Pros

Creative endeavors can be frustrating, especially when the thing in your head doesn’t translate in real life. In those times, it’s helpful to remember Bob Ross’ soothing advice; “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.” Bob Ross, of course, was a painter. While it’s undoubtedly true that painting can be challenging, it can be incredibly soothing if you’re willing to let yourself make mistakes. It’s also helpful to have the right tools, which include the best canvas or paint pad, the right paint for your choice of style, and a set of quality all-purpose paintbrushes.

What To Look For In Paintbrushes

If you’re buying your first set of brushes or you just need to re-up your supply, it’s good to get a wide variety. This allows you to test out different styles and strokes to find the ones that work for you.

If you’re doing large, detailed paintings, chances are you’ll be using many different paintbrushes. We’ve included several sets that feature at least 10 brushes each, consisting of different shapes and sizes.

Keep in mind the type of paint you will be using. Some brushes are suited to a variety of paints, including acrylic, oil, and watercolor, while others are only appropriate for a specific medium.

How We Chose The Best Paintbrushes

We’ve included a wide variety of sizes, styles, and price points to help readers find the best paintbrushes whether this is their first foray into the world of art or they are a seasoned pro. All the brushes on our list are highly rated by customers and offer a unique set of features, whether they’re easy to clean, long-lasting, or can be used for a specific paint medium.

Even if you’re not a great painter, just remember: “Every day is a good day when you paint.”


1. Benicci Paintbrush Set


The Benicci Paintbrush Set brush set includes a variety of flats, rounds, and even a painting knife, and the 16-piece set comes in a zippered carrying case. Designed with a double clamped holder, the bristles will stay put even after several uses and cleaning. The brushes are suitable for acrylic, watercolor, or oil painting and have a comfortable handle for extended use. Ideal for taking on the go, the set comes in a zippered carrying case that helps to keep your brushes secure and organized. We also like that the variety of sizes and shapes make it suitable for larger and smaller works.

Benicci Paint Brush Set Buy: Benicci Paintbrush Set $17.97

2. Crafts 4 ALL Paintbrushes


This 12-piece Crafts 4 ALL Paintbrushes kit includes Filberts, fans, rounds, and angled brushes, making it a great intro set for artists who aren’t quite sure what type of brushes they’ll need. These brushes are designed to be suitable for a wide variety of applications, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, and body painting, making them a great option for families or costumes. Each brush has a short wooden handle that allows for a more controlled grip. The rust-resistant aluminum ferrules add to the brushes’ longevity and the Nylon bristles can be easily reshaped by hand after cleaning with soap and water.

Crafts 4 ALL Paint Brushes Buy: Crafts 4 ALL Paintbrushes $12.99

3. Heartybay Round Pointed Tip Nylon Brush Set


This affordable Heartybay Round Pointed Tip Nylon Brush Set includes 10 paintbrushes with nylon bristles, nickel ferrules, and wooden handles. Designed for detail work, the set includes a variety of brushes that can be used for smaller art pieces, including body paint and nail art. The Heartybay brushes can be used with several types of paint, and the set includes liners, flats, rounds, and filberts for creating various strokes. A sturdy wooden handle and soft bristles make this a great set for beginners, kids or anyone who needs help with detail work.

Heartybay Round Pointed Tip Nylon Brush Set Buy: Heartybay Round Pointed Tip Nylon Brush Set $4.99

4. Amazon Basics Art Paintbrushes Set for Artists, Adults & Kids


For a set of brushes that the whole family can use, we like the Amazon Basics Art Paintbrushes Set for Artists, Adults & Kids. The set features 24 paintbrushes that include fine, detail work brushes all the way up to large, 2” all-purposes brushes that are ideal for large canvases, DIY, or craft projects. The brushes in the set feature smooth wooden handles and soft nylon bristles that are durable enough to stand up to several uses and washings. The brushes are appropriate for several paint styles, including acrylic, watercolor, enamel, oil, cel-vinyl, and gouache.

Amazon Basics Art Paint Brushes Set for Artists, Adults & Kids Buy: Amazon Basics Art Paintbrushes Set for Artists, Adults & Kids

5. Golden Maple Detail Paintbrushes Set


If your next piece of art requires some extra attention to detail, you’re going to want a set of paintbrushes that can make your vision come to life. We like the Golden Maple Detail Paintbrushes Set, which includes 10 miniature brushes that are clearly labeled to help users decide which brush is needed for each stroke. A great option for detail work on canvases, ceramics, figurines, nail art, and other artistic endeavors, the brushes can be used with acrylic, oil, and watercolors. The wooden handles have a triangular bump that makes them easy to grip and each brush comes with a protective tube to keep them straight and pristine between projects.

Golden Maple Detail Paint Brushes Set Buy: Golden Maple Detail Paintbrushes Set $16.99

6. ARTIFY 38 Pcs Paintbrushes Art Set


Feel like a pro with the massive brush set from Artify, which includes 38 brushes that offer a wide variety of flat and round options. The set includes several bristle types, including brushes made using hog and pony hair as well as traditional nylon. By using natural materials, the brushes protect against fraying, falling out and can stand up to frequent use and washing. The wooden paintbrush handles are protected with a lacquer to add to their longevity and we also like that the set comes with a roll-out storage case that makes this set portable and easy to keep organized.

ARTIFY 38 Pcs Paint Brushes Art Set Buy: ARTIFY 38 Pcs Paintbrushes Art Set $19.99

7. Adkwse Paintbrush Set


For a set that has a bit of everything, we like the kit from Adkwse. A great beginner kit for artists who want to experiment with several paint mediums, the set includes several styles of brushes, as well as two palette knives, two sponges, and a paint tray. The non-toxic paintbrushes are made with wooden handles and finished with nylon bristles that can be used for acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, body, and nail painting. All the pieces fit into a convenient black carrying case that stands upright when in use, making it easy for painters to quickly grab whatever brush will help them create their next work of art.

Adkwse Paint Brush Set Buy: Adkwse Paintbrush Set $24.99

8. Arteza Real Brush Pens


Arteza has made a name for itself by offering a wide variety of quality art supplies at an affordable price and that includes their Brush Pens. A great option for new artists who are still learning how to properly blend colors, as well as anyone looking to make the transition from drawing to paint, the user-friendly brushes come with 48 colors to help bring your masterpiece to life. The brushes can be used with water to create a watercolor effect or can be used dry for sketching and calligraphy. Made with durable nylon brush hairs, the brushes offer more control than a traditional paintbrush and offer precision without any harmful toxins.

Arteza Real Brush Pens Buy: Arteza Real Brush Pens $33.99

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