The beauty of holiday gift baskets is selecting unique items while adding your own personal touch

Compiling just the right products for a friend or family member is not only fun but shows your thoughtfulness.

To help you with your gift baskets this holiday season, we put together a list of 68 creative holiday gift basket ideas. You’ll find traditional baskets along with specialty bins and jars to fill. From hot cocoa ensembles to gifts for wine lovers, there’s something here for everyone on your list. No matter the Christmas party theme, you’ll have a delightful gift in tow.
1. Herbal Remedies
Source: Hello Glow

For those chilly winter nights, this bin of herbal remedies will come in handy. Include lemons, honey, and ginger tea—along with an aromatic candle.
2. Personalized Pet Container
Source: Shutterfly

Style out your loved one’s pet food storage container. It keeps dry food fresh while bringing a meaningful touch to everyday life. Fill the bin with treats before putting it under the tree with a bow.
3. Christmas Baking Kit
Source: The DIY Mommy

Create this festive gift in a tin with a cookie cutter, sprinkles, cookie mix, and an apron. Your friend or neighbor will love having an easy way to make holiday treats for their whole family.
4. All Business
Making gift baskets for your boss or coworkers? Choose an office-themed basket complete with a personalized business card holder, office snacks and a succulent plant. This is a great way to brighten up the break room with treats everyone can enjoy all year long. If you want to make it more personal, make a business basket for the worker-bee best friend in your life to encourage them at the office.
5. Self Care Gift Basket
Source: Jo Lynne Shane

Save your friend trips to the salon with a DIY manicure kit. Incorporate the basics like nail polish and a file, but don’t forget basic self-care items like lotion or cotton swabs.
6. Pedicure In A Jar
Source: The Gunny Sack

The supplies for this holiday gift basket are basic: a mason jar, pedicure tools, labels, and spa treatments. Whether you’re making this for your mom, sister or grandma, they’ll love skipping the salon and having spa-like treatment right at home.
7. Coffee Buzz
We all know a coffee lover, so make their holiday season a little brighter with a basket of all things caffeine. Include a new mug, their favorite beans and a batch of something yummy to pair with their morning brew, like biscotti. It’ll give them everything they need to make the most of the new espresso machine they’re bound to get this year.
8. Fitness Fanatic
If you have a friend that’s always ready to move, give them a basket full of everything they need to work up a sweat. A new water bottle, their favorite running socks, and even a gift card for a new fitness experience—like hot yoga or spin class—can keep them motivated throughout the holiday season and into the new year.
9. Family Game Night
From Pictionary to board games, a family game night is a great way to bring everyone together. Gift some classic favorites as well as new games, and be sure to include snacks like popcorn, pretzels, and candy to keep the competitive spirit fueled.
10. Hanging Basket Planter
Source: Jennifer Perkins

Looking for gifts for plant lovers? Transform old t-shirts into a beautiful hanger for a potted plant. By crocheting the fabric, you’ll have a sturdy design that can hold the weight of the pot. Choose an easy-to-maintain plant variety like succulents or ferns. Pair with all they need to keep the plant thriving—fertilizer, a watering can and even a gift card to a local nursery.
11. 12 Days of Christmas Jars
Source: Kingston Crafts

Fill mason jars with everything from homemade jam to candy for this 12 days of Christmas novelty gift basket. Each day, your loved one will open a jar to see what awaits them. Place the jars in a reusable wooden box that can be used for storage or decoration.
12. Sangria Kit
Source: Fantabulosity

Construct a Spanish-inspired gift with a sangria kit. Include a jar, wine and plenty of fresh fruit. Add a card with the recipe so your loved one knows how to stir up this scrumptious drink.
13. Charcuterie Kit
For your friend or family member that loves all things culinary, give them the gift a perfect holiday party or date night in with a charcuterie kit. They can reuse the board all year long and enjoy fancy cheese, sweet jams, and cured meats. Include some of their favorites and a few new items for them to try out.
14. Decoupage Box
Source: Craft Munki

Keepsake boxes make beautiful Christmas gifts for family and friends. Try your hand at decoupage by placing ornate designs like birds and flower petals onto a wooden box. Your friends will admire this gift for years, where they can store their jewelry, knick-knacks, and heirlooms.
15. Tea Kit
Source: Hello Nest

Include a loose leaf tea blend, honey and a mug for a delicious basket for a tea-loving friend. Opt for a wicker basket that can be used to store and organize teas in the future.
16. Gingerbread House Kit

Your gift basket can be a delicious and fun activity for the whole family. Create a kit to make a gingerbread house, complete with graham crackers, frosting and candy pieces.
17. Housewarming Gift Basket
Source: Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Has someone on your list recently moved into a new place? Treat them with a basket full of fresh essentials like hand towels, scented soaps, and an indoor plant.
18. Movie Buff
There are always so many movies to see, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them all. When you miss it in theaters, the next best place to see it is your couch. Gift your film-loving friend a basket full of classic movie theater candy, popcorn, a throw blanket, and a wine or beer glass for a perfect movie night at home.
19. Garden Guru
If you know someone with a green thumb, support their passion with everything they need to keep their garden thriving all year long. A garden stone will help keep their outdoor space unique, while a new plant will keep things vibrant and blooming into the new season.
20. DIY Rope Basket
Source: Alice & Lois

Make the basket itself a part of your gift. With clothesline rope, a hot glue gun and some fringe, you can handmake a beautiful basket that’s great for storing craft supplies, linens and more. You can even include instructions on how they can make their own basket if they decide they want more.
21. Christmas Cookies
Source: Shutterfly

The best holiday gift basket ideas are personalized. Whip up a batch of sugar cookies and cut them into unique designs like dogs, cats or stars. Add a bag of hot cocoa to your basket for the most delicious holiday treat. Be sure to include the recipe in your basket so they can enjoy cookies all season.
22. Boho Basket
Source: Wonderwood

Decorate a woven basket with seashells that you’ve collected throughout the year. Complete your beach bohemian basket with jewelry, candles, and incense.
23. Custom Tote Bag
Source: Shutterfly

Instead of a traditional basket, fill a tote bag with all of your loved one’s favorite things. Customize the tote bag with a photo of the two of you or an inspiring quote. Whether you top the bag off with books and coffee for an evening in or a set of pillows for their living room, the extra tote bag will come in handy.
24. Grill Master
Source: Melly Moments

Whether it’s your dad or grandpa who loves to cook up steaks or barbeque chicken, this gift basket is for them. With a basting brush, barbeque rub and marinade, they’ll look forward to hosting the next family gathering.
25. Chef Special
Source: Shutterfly

Do you have someone on your list who loves to cook? Wrap a bottle of olive oil with a personalized tea towel. Include delicacies in your basket, like gourmet noodles and cheeses.
26. Garden Gift Basket
Source: Tikkido

Make a darling garden-themed gift basket for your mom, neighbor or friend. Choose seed packets, ceramic mushrooms and garden tools, all in a flower-covered container.
27. Memorable Basket
Source: Shutterfly

Give your sister or friend an easy way to flip through treasured memories with a personalized photo book. Choose a theme, such as an adventure you took together, or make it a compilation of favorite moments from the past year. Take them out to breakfast at their favorite spot and be sure to include a gift card so they can get coffee on you as they ring in the new year.
28. Minty Treasure
Source: The Gunny Sack

Pamper a loved one with peppermint this holiday season. Inspire a theme of self-care for the coming new year and encourage them to take time for them. From mint chocolates to foot scrub and chapstick, this themed basket is bound to be a hit.
29. Sweet As Honey
Save the bees and give your loved ones something sweet. There are plenty of classic local kinds of honey to try out, but there are lots of unique flavors coming out—like spiced and herb-flavored jars of honey. Give them an assortment of all the flavors they need to sweeten their tea or experiment in the kitchen.
30. Holiday Decor Kit
Decorating the tree is always a fun activity, but it’s even more special when it’s done with homemade ornaments. Gift a kit for homemade salt dough ornaments for a family with kids to construct together. They’ll get to decorate their tree for years to come with your gift basket contents.
31. DIY Holiday Gift Basket
Source: Vena Esperanza

Bring a festive mood to any party. This holiday gift basket is easy to create and filled with yummy goodies that everyone loves. The contents are entirely up to you, but favorites include sweets, a mug with tea and jam. Complete the look with a ribbon and custom tag.
32. Travel Essentials
For your wanderlust-loving friend or family member, give them the gift of travel essentials. If their ideal form of travel is via air, give them a kit of travel-sized basics like hand sanitizer, chapstick, an eye mask and a neck pillow for easy journeys.
33. Mom Magic
If your sister or friend is a mom that’s always on the go, give her a basket that’s just for her. A gift card to a spa, a new planner, some coffee or tea, and even a bottle of wine will help her get through the holiday season in a relaxed fashion.
34. Cake Baking
Source: Darling Doodles

Instead of a basket, create your gift with a bundt cake pan. Add all the necessary ingredients, such as a whisk, kitchen towels and cake batter. This holiday gift basket idea is great for newlyweds and new homeowners.
35. Sunshine Gift Basket
Source: Fantabulosity

Choose all things bright for a sunshine-themed gift basket. Even in the middle of winter, your gift will bring energy and life to your loved one. Consider yellow bags of chips, candies, nail polish and more.
36. Family Essentials
Give your favorite family a basket of keepsakes. A photo puzzle will provide entertainment for hours—especially if it includes a snapshot of the most special people. A fun new digital camera and a frame will help them document memories for years to come.
37. Beverage Bounty
Spiked seltzers, craft sodas, and flavored kombucha dominate the beverage market right now. Visit a local artisan shop to fill a basket with all flavors classic and unique for the holiday season. Be sure to include their favorite beverage as well to enjoy all season long, plus other fun drink accessories in your basket.
38. Hot Cocoa Mix
Source: Hello Nest

Find a picnic basket and fill it with yummy delights: hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and a custom mug. They’ll enjoy warming up during the winter months, then taking the basket for picnics during the summer.
39. Wine Basket
Source: Shutterfly

On the lookout for gifts for wine lovers? Select delicious red or white blends to fill a wicker basket. Include a set of wine glasses or a fancy cheese to round out the ensemble.
40. Holiday Cocktails
Bring the spirit in more ways than one this holiday season. If you’re related to a bartender or just know a cocktail lover, gift them a basket with mini bottles of their favorite spirits, new ones they haven’t tried and all the gear they need to craft the perfect beverage, including a customized flask.
41. Team Spirit
For the sports fan in your life, a basket of swag for their favorite team is sure to delight them. Include supplies for tailgating and away games, plus tuck a pair of tickets inside as well for the next home game so they can support in person.
42. Spa In A Jar
Source: The Gunny Sack

Looking for practical DIY Christmas gifts? Gather items that will give your friends a truly relaxing experience. Your “spa in a jar” can include sugar scrub, nail polish and bubble bath.
43. The Dream-Chaser
No matter what someone’s dreams are, help them chase after them this holiday season. Fill a basket with a custom notepad, pen, and coffee. They’ll be ready to jot down their big ideas and head into the New Year with plenty of gusto. If you have a favorite adventure book to spark their ambitions, include that for inspiration as well.
44. Little Chef
Don’t forget about the young ones in your life! If you have a niece or nephew who loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, make sure they have all the basic tools to get started on the right foot. A kids cookbook, whisk, wooden spoon and mixing bowl is a great collection to keep their interest alive as they learn more in the food world.
45. Mini Christmas Tree Decor
Apartment living can be great in a lot of ways, but tricky when it comes to decorating for the holidays. It’s almost too easy to go from decor to clutter. If you have a friend or loved one who’s just scaled down, make sure they can celebrate with the appropriate decor. A basket with a mini tree, garland, tinsel, ornaments, and lights, plus any other decor basics you think they’ll love, will brighten up their space for the season.
46. Classic Holiday Treats
Source: Pixels and Pop

Homemade holiday gift baskets are easy and always appreciated. Compile your favorite cookies, crackers, cheese, and chocolates. Add them to a wooden or wicker basket before adding clear wrapping and a bow.
47. DIY Basket of Sweets
Source: Red Ember

Want something fun for your Christmas cookie giveaways? Weave together holiday wrapping paper to create a delightful gift basket. Not only is it festive, but the basket is also reusable.
48. Chocolate Wonderland
Chocolate is beloved by many and a great route for a holiday gift basket. Include their favorites, from milk chocolate to dark, but also include some interesting treats, like unique flavors or shapes. If they also love to cook, include cocoa powder and a recipe for brownies or cookies so they can keep the chocolate obsession alive all season.
49. Camping Collection
While wintertime may be too cold for many people to do anything outside, others see it as the perfect time to get out and adventure. For your resident camping fan, give them a basket full of everything they need for a cold-weather excursion. Hot chocolate, mittens, a warm hat, trail mix, and wool socks will keep them warm at the campground and on the trail.
50. Wine and Cheese
Source: Shutterfly

Present a tasty spread with wine, cheese, and grapes. Personalize the basket with a custom wine decanter or stemless wine glasses.
51. Cycling Heaven
Keep their bike running smoothly with everything they need out on the road or trail. A replacement tire, a mini pump, a water bottle and a bike pack to carry all the essentials will keep their rides smooth and enjoyable, so they can keep biking well into the new year.
52. Baker’s Delight
For your friend or family member who binge-watches baking shows and can’t wait to try the next new recipe trend on social media, a collection of the essentials will keep them cooking all year. If they already have everything they need, gift them a new cookbook and a spread of new ingredients to keep their cooking inspiration alive.
53. Play Ball!
Baseball is America’s game. Whether your friend or loved one is a longtime fan or raising a young ballplayer, make sure they have everything they need to pick up a game of their own. A bat, a ball, a cap and, of course, Cracker Jack’s, provide the perfect gift basket for a backyard night game.
54. Poker Set
Source: Shutterfly

Whether they love blackjack or rummy, add a deck of personalized playing cards to a game-oriented basket. Consider a set of dominos or poker chips to go with.
55. Book Worm
We all know a voracious reader. Fuel their habit and keep them reading with a collection of new titles, whether from their favorite author or genre or something different that they may not have picked out themselves. Be sure to include a reading light and a collection of bookmarks to enhance their reading experience.
56. Classic Music
Know a music fan? Visit a local record store and collect a few records you think they’d like, plus a few new titles as well. A mini portable speaker will let them take the music everywhere. Memorabilia from their favorite artist, like a t-shirt or poster, will round out the gift basket.
57. Shelf Arrangement
Source: Shutterfly

Give your loved one a basket full of decor. Include a photo book, a plant, and a candle. Whether they put it on their mantel or a bedroom nightstand, they’ll love the personalization this gift offers.
58. Stocking Stuffers
Source: Shutterfly

Rather than a traditional basket, why not fill a stocking? Items like chapstick, candy, lotto tickets, and jewelry make for great holiday delights. Personalize the stocking with a beautiful portrait and their name.
59. Yoga Practice
Yoga is a popular form of exercise and relaxation, and if you know someone who’s never tried it but wants to get on the mat, make sure they get to their first class with everything they need to nail their first downward dog. A new mat, a towel, a blanket, and even a new water bottle will set them up for a well-rounded and relaxing experience.
60. Healthy Holidays
If you have a friend, loved one or coworker who’s been under the weather, give them all the essentials they need to get better. Vitamins, tea, soup, and a blanket will help them feel better in time to enjoy the holidays.
61. Wine And Chocolate
Source: Kleinworth & Co.

When compiling a wine gift basket, include stemless glasses, an opener, and specialty chocolates to enjoy while relaxing. The best wines to pair with chocolate include pinot noir and merlot.
62. S’mores Kit
If you know a family who loves spending time outdoors, make sure they have all the snacks they need on their next outdoor adventure. Graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows are the basics, and be sure to also include skewers for the campfire and napkins to clean up any messes.
63. Breakfast In Bed
Source: Shutterfly

Have a morning person on your list? Design a gift basket complete with croissants, coffee, and a DIY marker mug. Now they can start each day with a little of your love in their hearts.
64. Scoop of Love
Source: Giggles Galore

Yum! Put together an ice cream themed gift basket of cones, chocolate fudge and sprinkles. All they’ll need is the ice cream for a delicious treat.
65. Pie Essentials
Pie is a staple for many people during the holidays. Share your favorite recipe and all the ingredients loved ones need to enjoy a special treat on their table this year. Whether it’s a fruit pie or a cream pie, they’ll surely love having everything they need.
66. Cocoa And Mint
Source: The Tomkat Studio

Looking for creative food gifts for Christmas? This holiday basket includes marshmallows, hot cocoa mix, candy canes, and a custom mug. No matter what the weather is like, your friend will be cozy and calm—with the happiest of bellies.
67. Crafty Collage
Do you have lots of fun memories with a best friend or family member? Give them all the supplies they need to craft a collage of memories. A canvas, glue and photo prints will give them all the tools they need to enjoy some of your favorite moments from over the years.
68. Christmas Sundaes
Source: Bloom Designs

In the market for DIY holiday gift baskets? Gather your favorite ice cream toppings, like chocolate fudge and sprinkles, to create a sundae box. Include a note for them to add ice cream for a jolly good time.

A joyous part of the holiday season is putting together gifts for the ones you love. Select a personalized item to add to your basket and stick with a festive theme to make the holidays even more delightful.

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