The 18 Best Pool Floats for Adults Will Have You Lounging All Summer Long

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A pool float for adults is a great way to do the best pool activity: absolutely nothing. Because while we love pool games and swimming laps, you can’t beat lounging on the water with a drink in hand.

So what makes it a pool float for adults rather than just a regular pool float? For one thing, it must be big enough to accommodate at least one fully grown human — and some of our favorite picks can hold two. Then there’s the matter of how comfortable it is. While plastic vinyl is classic and cheap, breathable mesh fabrics won’t stick to you every time you shift. These fabric floats may be more expensive but also more comfortable.

Other handy features include cupholders, so you can safely stash your insulated wine glasses, hard seltzers or juices.

If you’re considering grabbing a new pool float for adults, there are a few questions to keep in mind.


What Is the Pool Float Made From?

Material is everything when we’re talking about adult pool floats. The classic pool float is made from a lightweight vinyl material, which can be easily deflated and stashed away when not in use. But it’s not the only option. You should also consider mesh fabric pool floats, which are more comfortable to sit on and won’t cling to your skin.

Mesh: Mesh pool floats are made from a mesh fabric on the outside and filled with beads on the inside. They’re more comfortable but tend to be more expensive and harder to store.

Vinyl: Vinyl is the classic pool float material. It’s lightweight, easy to carry and can be deflated for easy storage. However, it’s not as comfortable as a mesh pool float.

Rubber: An innertube is another classic option for floating, harkening back to the days of repurposing old tires. Rubber inner tubes have the same valves as cars and casual bicycles, so they’re easy to inflate. They can get hot to the touch and are not as good-looking.


How Big Should a Pool Float Be?

Do you want to be submerged in the water or is floating and baking more your style? Check the weight specifications on the product to gauge whether the lounger will hold you up high or leave you down low. Plus, check the dimensions to ensure you can sit comfortably. If you have a smaller pool or expect a crowded summer, minimalist floats that don’t take up a lot of space are the way to go. But if there are just a few of you or you plan on sprawling out and taking up as much space as possible, why not go for oversized luxury? You do you.


1. Floating Mesh Pool Chair


Take your living room to the pool with this mesh lounge chair from Frontgate. The floating ottoman features oversized armrests and a sturdy, cushioned back, making it perfect for when you feel like chilling in the water in a more upright position. The inside is stuffed with buoyant polystyrene beads and the outside is comprised of easy-to-drain mesh, making this a sturdy pick that should last for years.

An arm chair inspired pool float for adults Buy: Floating Mesh Pool Chair $126.65

2. Intex Sit ‘n Lounge Inflatable Pool Float


Intex makes some of the best inflatable pool accessories, and this pool float is a great option for solo lounging. It has a classic donut shape with a cupholder for beer, wine or even water (just because you’re in the water doesn’t mean you’re hydrated). It has hard plastic handles that make it easier to get in and out of.

intex pool floats for adults Buy: Intex Sit 'n Lounge Pool Float $15.32

3. Funboy Tri-Color Blue Chaise Lounger Pool Float


This pool float from Funboy is a surprisingly stylish option, resembling something you’d find in a mid-century architect’s office. The difference is that it’s inflatable and made for long days on the water. It has a curved shape allows you to sit upright with a good book or an e-reader, and the elevated position means you won’t have to worry about getting it wet. It’s available in a range of colors, too.

funboy lounge pool float for adults Buy: Funboy Chaise Lounger Pool Float $63.00 (orig. $79.00) 20% OFF Buy: Funboy Chaise Lounger Pool Float $79.00

4. Funboy Giant Inflatable Yacht


There’s no need to be a part of the 1% to enjoy a yachting day. Just get this luxurious yacht, which can accommodate two people. The front has a recessed cavity ideal for holding ice and drinks.

funboy yacht pool float Buy: Funboy Giant Inflatable Yacht Float $79.00 (orig. $99.00) 20% OFF Buy: Funboy Yacht Pool Float $99.00

5. Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn


We love a classy and tasteful pool float, but sometimes you just want to sit on a giant unicorn. We get it. Jasonwell gets it, too, and they have kitschy floats ranging from unicorns to dinosaurs to avocados. Whatever wacky theme you’re planning for your next pool party, there’s a Jasonwell float for you. And if you’re looking for more oversized pool floats, be sure to check out our guide to the season’s best giant pool floats.

pool float unicorn jasonwell Buy: Jasonwell Inflatable Unicorn $36.99

6. L.L.Bean River Tube


Though it’s designed for use on a river, LL Bean’s river tube is also an excellent option for use in your swimming pool (or any body of water). Though it’s more expensive than the average inner tube, it’s covered with a sturdy 600 denier polyester cover and a 1000 denier polyester bottom for added durability against the elements. The inflation valve also has a cover for protection. A mesh bag makes it easy to carry the tube. The 45″ size makes it suitable for adults and kids.

pool float for adults Buy: LL Bean River Tube $129.00

7. Big Joe Fruit Slice Float


Instead of a stiff, sticky vinyl-like plastic, this pool float from Big Joe is made from an upholstered polyester fabric that’s waterproof. It’s 48 inches in diameter, making it a comfortable option for adults. It’s more expensive, but it’ll upgrade every pool hang.

big joe lemon pool float, pool float for adults Buy: Big Joe Pool Float $109.00

8. Lazy Day Pool Chair


Because sometimes you just want to park your butt in the water, here is a simple but effective floating chair. It supports up to 300 pounds and is stain and fade-resistant, even in saltwater. Grab a few if you plan on hosting pool parties or gatherings; they aren’t as bulky as traditional loungers, so they’re a great bet for summertime hangs.

frontgate chaise lounger, best pool floats for adults Buy: Lazy Day Pool Chair $95.00 (orig. $125.00) 24% OFF

9. Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge


This inflatable lounger is here for you if you want to hit the water and soak up a good book or magazine. The chair has two cup holders, two air chambers for added safety, and an always-handy repair patch. Intex makes some of the best pool floats for grown-ups and kids alike, and the company says this floating pool chair will hold up to 250 pounds. The thick vinyl will hold you well out of the water where you can catch some rays.

intex lounger, pool float for adults Buy: Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge $34.09

10. SwimWays Spring Float Inflatable Pool Lounger


This economical option from SwimWays is an excellent option for spending a day lounging on the water. It’s specifically designed for full reclining; a mesh bottom keeps you close to the water, while the edge of the float has a fabric coating for comfort. With this float, you’ll be partially below the water-line, and partially above it, so it’s great for those hot days. The lounger also has a built-in pillow and a valve for quick inflating and deflating. The entire float folds inward and packs away for easy storage.

swimways pool lounger, best pool float for adults Buy: SwimWays Float $13.59 (orig. $16.99) 20% OFF

11. Big Joe Noodle Sling Brush Stroke Pool Float


This is the one to get if you want a float that’ll give you maximum contact with the water. It has a v-shape with a seat in the middle, so you can comfortably sit on it while your feet dangle in the water. The upper is made from a mesh material. The float is lightweight and compact but can support up to 250 pounds.

sun joe pool float for adults Buy: Big Joe Pool Float $24.99

12. Intex Watermelon


It wouldn’t be summer without watermelons. This vibrant option from top pool toy brand Intex is a whopping 6′ wide, meaning two people could recline on it. Or, you can claim the watermelon all to yourself. Whichever you choose, this giant inflatable watermelon pool float is sure to make your summer better.

intex watermelon pool float Buy: Intex Inflatable Watermelon Pool Float $30.05 (orig. $59.99) 50% OFF

13. FUNBOY Drink Holder


If you’re throwing a party, you’ve got to keep drinks close by. This inflatable drink holder also comes from Funboy, one of our favorite brands for stylish yet kitschy pool accessories. This drink holder has a rainbow design with four cupholders, plus a cavity for ice. For anyone searching for the best pool float for adults who love to have a good time, this is it.

funboy drink holder, pool float for adults Buy: Funboy Pool Float $35.72 (orig. $39.00) 8% OFF

14. Big Joe Pool Noodle Float


Sure, you could invest in tons of dollar store noodles, but after a while, the foam starts to chip, the inside stinks, and you can never quite get that comfortable angle. If you want a good-sized, sturdy noodle that will help you float but bend to your will, this mesh noodle is the way to go. It’s filled with buoyant beads and dries quickly, plus it comes with its own handy carrying case.

A high end noodle pool float for adults Buy: Big Joe Pool Noodle Float $24.95

15. Drift Chaise Float


If all you want to do is sink into a luxury chair with a drink in hand, Frontgate has you covered with this cushioned chaise float. It’s made from quick-drying fabric and stuffed with beads so that you can comfortably float those stresses away. The chair comes in three colors and supports up to 250 pounds, plus it’s stain and mildew resistant — even in saltwater.

A lounge chair inspired pool float for adults Buy: Drift Chaise Lounge $169.15

16. Tube in a Box The Original Swim and Snow Tube


Though a rubber innertube is not the most stylish option, they are economical and durable. This tube can be used for the pool, but we’d recommend this particular float for river tubing adventures (you can also take it to the slopes come winter). You can also buy fabric covers for greater comfort, and the tube is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 36″ to a massive 68″.

pool float for adults Buy: Tube in a Box Pool Float $42.89

17. Hammock Pool Float Navy


This pool hammock from Target is ideal for lounging. The middle is mesh, while the ends are inflatable. The inflatable ends act as a headrest and support to keep your head and thighs above the water while your feet dangle in the pool. It uses a traditional pool float valve, so you’ll need to inflate it by mouth or use a pump.

hammock style pool float for adults Buy: Sun Squad Hammock Pool Float Navy $8.00 (orig. $10.00) 20% OFF

18. Frontgate Resort Collection Pool Floats


This might just be one of Frontgate’s most famous summer products, and it’s a popular pool float year after year. The catalog brand’s famous resort pool floats come in a rainbow of fun colors, and unlike your average pool float, there’s no inflation required. Simply throw it in the pool and enjoy!

frontgate pool floats for adults Buy: Frontgate Resort Collection Pool Float $143.95

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