The 10 Best Laptop Accessories for Your Snazzy New Computer

We know that shopping for a new laptop can be an overwhelming experience, but once you’ve settled on a model that works best for your needs, half the fun of what comes next is deciding what else you might need to go along with it.

There are dozens and dozens of laptop accessories, and figuring what you might need will depend on your individual use case. But, whether it’s traveling, going to class, heading into the office, or something else, there are plenty of fantastic gizmos and gadgets to make your life easier without adding too much bulk or hassle to the easy-going experience of using a laptop.

But to make it the easiest for you, we’ve rounded up 10 fantastic laptop accessories to make your day-to-day experience even better — our picks below.


1. Philip Elite Plus USB-C Multiport Adapter

Good news: heavy, thick laptops are now more rarity than the standard nowadays. Bad news: this typically means less in the way of USB ports to reduce bulk. Best news? This USB-C multiport adapter from Philips provides you with plenty of additional ports, including SD and MicroSD card readers, one HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, and even a charging port. Super portable (it’ll easily fit into one of the smaller parts of a backpack), it’s a fast and easy way to give you some extra ports if you need them.

Philip Elite Plus USB-C Multiport Adapter


2. Microsoft Arc Mouse

Boasting a battery life of six months (!), the Microsoft Arc Mouse snaps flat and can be transported with supreme ease. That means you can even carry it in your back pocket without a significant amount of trouble. The Arc connects easily to your computer (Mac or Windows) through Bluetooth. The snapping of the Arc is satisfying, emitting an audible snap when moving it from flat to, well, arced. Plus, the mouse comes in a few different colorways to fit your own personal preference.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Buy: Microsoft Arc Mouse $54.29


3. SideTrak Slide Portable Laptop Monitor

Having an extra monitor can make a huge difference. The only issue is, they’re typically a little too big to just carry around with you — unless you have this portable monitor from SideTrak. The Slide attaches to the side of your laptop and provides you with a second, 12.5″ screen perfect for multitasking work. Weighing 1.65 pounds, it’s perfectly portable for traveling, whether to and from class or just to have in case you have to do some work on vacation. 

SideTrak Slide Portable Laptop Monitor

Buy: SideTrak Slide Portable Laptop Monitor $299.99


4. Rowing Blazers Fabric Laptop Case

Want to ensure your laptop is protected without adding a lot of extra bulk? A fabric laptop case is a great, easy, and simple way to add an extra level of protection to your laptop without making it super heavy. We love this version from Rowing Blazers, which just released as part of their new collection. They have two different versions, but our personal favorite is the Croquet Stripe colorway, which is bound to add plenty of color to your day-to-day.

Rowing Blazers Fabric Laptop Case


5. lululemon Core Backpack

Having a backpack to transport your laptop is almost just as essential as the laptop itself. This Core backpack from lululemon is built for those on the move, which means it’s made from water-repellent fabric, has plenty of room for your laptop and a set of gym clothes, lower lumbar support to lighten the load, and even a water bottle holder. It’s the only backpack your laptop will need.

lululemon Core Backpack


6. OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner

Meant for use on both your screen and your keyboard, OXO Good Grip’s Sweep & Swipe laptop cleaner is an extremely handy all-in-one solution to keep your laptop fresh and clean. The microfiber pad at the bottom helps to remove pesky smudges and dust, while the brush attachment at the top allows you to easily get into your keys to whisk away dust and dirt. Plus, you can retract the brush portion when you’re done for safe and secure storage in your backpack.

OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner

Buy: OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner $9.99


7. Amconsure Laptop Ring Light

If you are taking classes or conference calls over Zoom, you’ll be shocked at how much of an impact a ring light can make. This one from Amconsure plugs in through one of your USB ports and then sits on top of your included web camera. There’s sure to be a tone that works best for you and your working environment with ten different hues, resulting in you looking fantastic no matter the space.

Amconsure Laptop Ring Light

Buy: Amconsure Laptop Ring Light $16.99


8. CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide

While many laptops nowadays come with some sort of webcam slider, some still do not. So if you want to ensure you’ve got some privacy from a camera, this webcam slide cover is an easy way to ensure you’re absolutely covered. CloudValley’s slide comes in a two-pack for under $8, are thin, and also incredibly easy to install without messing with your laptop’s existing design features.

CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide

Buy: CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide $6.99


9. iVoler Laptop Stand

Having an ergonomic laptop stand can help better bring your laptop to eye level or even improve your typing, so investing in a quality, portable option such as this option from iVoler feels like a no-brainer. The multi-angle design makes it easy to adjust to the height or angle that best works for you and even folds down into its own drawstring bag for easy carrying.

iVoler Laptop Stand

Buy: iVoler Laptop Stand $15.99


10. Google Stadia Premiere Edition

We just recently talked about Google Stadia and how it functions as a way for you to, essentially, stream games on your computer in expert graphical fidelity. While the premiere edition comes bundled with a Chromecast Ultra for gaming on your TV, it also includes a controller you can use with your laptop if you want to game on the go with your laptop. The Premiere Edition also includes a free trial of Stadia Pro, which allows you access to a higher-end gaming experience.

Google Stadia Premiere Edition


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