Shop the 24 Best Gifts for Couples Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

It’s not like you need an excuse to celebrate your favorite couple, but Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect occasion to shower a close friend (and their partner) with a nice gift. And, let’s be real, we could all use a little kindness and compassion these days. So in 2022, we at SPY say, embrace Cupid on the holiday that’s all about love and buy a gift for your favorite couple! Since Valentine’s Day calls for a present, give them one that celebrates them as a duo.

Whether they’ve been married for one year or 50, are thrill-seeking adventurers or homebodies, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for couples of all sorts. Do they love breakfast in bed and gush about their quality coffee beans? Or perhaps they’re the type to travel all over the world and absolutely cannot wait to get back overseas? Whatever kind of couple they are, we have the perfect gift for them below.

How Do I Know What To Buy the Couple in My Life?

First and foremost, don’t overthink it. This is a nice gesture and one that will be appreciated, so there’s no need to rack your brain trying to get this perfectly perfect. They will appreciate the thought because let’s face it, people rarely buy a gift for both partners. You usually buy a gift for your buddy, whichever one that is, while the other person gets left out. So buying something with both of them in mind will automatically win you points.

Next, think about what they do often. Or, in the case of our COVID reality, think about what they talk about wanting to do often. If they’re seriously missing live shows, grab them a record player and pair it with a few choice vinyl records. If they’re crazy for their pandemic puppy, gift them a doggie DNA test. If they already have 15 different travel plans booked for the summer, gift them a fun scratch-off map. Whatever the gift, so long as you keep the couple in mind, you’ll do great.

Ready to dive on in? Take a look at our list of the 25 best gifts for couples below!


1. PATET Cheesy Love


Is there any better date night treat than wine and cheese? This wine-and-cheese-themed set comes with a three-piece angled crystal Bordeaux set, cheese toolset and cheese storage bags. Everything they need for an elegant date night.

PATET Cheesy Love
Buy: Patet Cheesy Love $135.00


2. The Ultimate Game for Couples


Spice up game night with this game designed just for couples. There are two ways to play: one-on-one with a partner or one couple versus another couple. The questions will help each partner get to know the other by prompting conversations that will both crack them up and have them go deep. Simple to play with easy rules, they can dive right in. More than 200 playing cards guarantee that it’s a game they can turn to again and again, making this a fun gift for couples.

best gifts for couples - The Ultimate Game for Couples Buy: The Ultimate Game for Couples $24.99

3. Custom Love Boat Portrait


You’ll be challenged to find a more perfect gift for couples than this personalized Love Boat Portrait. Artist Melanie Ponchot customizes every piece for individual couples, emulating their gender, hairstyle, skin tone, body shape and clothing, and you can even ask her to include their hobbies to make it just for them. The message, of weathering the unpredictable sea of love, is yet another thing to adore about it. You can splurge on the framing option to gift it ready to be hung on their wall.

Custom Love Boat Portrait, best gifts for couples Buy: Custom Love Boat Portrait $75.00

4. The Kissing Mugs


If your favorite duo loves lazy Sundays and breakfast in bed, there’s no greater gift for a couple. This pair of kissing mugs will make their lattes, teas or drinks of choice taste even better. Each porcelain mug looks like a face and when they touch, their lips kiss and the handles look like the shape of a heart.

The Kissing Mugs, gifts for couples Buy: The Kissing Mugs $65.00

5. See’s Candies Custom Mix Heart


Get them a box of all their candy favorites, and make it a large one so they can share! This custom mix box from See’s will allow you to suggest up to 10 candy varieties.

See’s Candies Custom Mix Heart
Buy: See's Candies Custom Heart Box $38.00


6. JIGGY Decorative Artwork Puzzle


Before cell phones or Netflix, people would just open up a bottle of wine and start a puzzle together. Puzzles are the perfect lo-fi activity to do on Valentine’s Day, especially if they are worried about going out during pandemic times. And if you already know your favorite couple loves a good puzzle, this gift for couples is a no-brainer.

JIGGY Decorative Artwork Puzzle Buy: JIGGY Decorative Artwork Puzzle $49.00

7. De’Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker


Take their morning coffee up a notch with this espresso and cappuccino maker. They’ll feel like baristas every day when they whip up their favorite caffeinated beverage. A steam wand and steel drip tray help them make authentic Italian espresso or lattes. They can either use pods or ground coffee with the patented dual-function filter holder, so the process is impressively speedy. Two separate thermostats, which control water and steam pressure separately, always deliver a drink with the ideal temperature.

De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, best gifts for couples Buy: De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker $99.95

8. Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo


Maybe he only drinks beer while she’s all about the vino. Or maybe it’s the other way around. That’s what makes this mismatched yet matching duo one of the best gifts for couples. You can also opt to get one wine glass and one pilsner glass, or a set of two of the same kind. Each comes with a hand-engraving of the couple’s initials and their anniversary date in the bark. The pair is hand-made in Johnson City, Tennessee by a third-generation artisan employing the lost art of stone wheel engraving.

Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo Buy: Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo $85.00

9. The Hygge Conversation Game


If the pair you’re shopping for tends to spend their favorite nights at home, then this is a gift for couples they’ll cherish. “Hygge” is the Danish and Norwegian word for a feeling of coziness, comfort and togetherness. It’s all about doing the good things in life. To help your favorite couple do just that, get them The Hygge Conversation Game. It has 330 questions to get them thinking, such as “What’s the most annoying sound?” and “What would be the title of your biography or autobiography?” It’ll get them talking about interesting topics they might not discuss otherwise.

The Hygge Conversation Game, best gifts for couples Buy: The Hygge Conversation Game $20.00

10. RENPHO Rechargeable Hand-Held Deep Massager


When looking for gifts for couples, back in the days before COVID, a couple’s massage was a no-brainer. But since spa days aren’t what they used to be, you can help the duo in your life create one at home, starting with this hand-held deep massager. Using percussion technology, it can be used practically anywhere, including on feet, calves, shoulders, neck, back, muscles, arms and legs. Its cordless design makes it easy and convenient to use, plus it comes with five interchangeable head attachments so you can find one exactly to your preference.

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand-Held Deep Massager Buy: RENPHO Rechargeable Hand-Held Deep Massager $39.99 (orig. $49.99) 20% OFF

11. Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game


When the game is this charming, everyone is a winner! The four-across game gets a personalized makeover with the couple’s names and their anniversary date or a message carved into the set made from maple wood. The heirloom piece is handmade in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game Buy: Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game $85.00

12. Edinburgh Hand Hold Casting Kit


They can hold hands for eternity with this casting kit. Developed by artist Doug Lowe, the molding kit captures two hands intertwined down to the smallest details, including jewelry. Non-toxic and safe for skin, the casting kit comes with an illustrated step-by-step instructions booklet, the Edinburgh Casting Studio’s “Recipe Like No Other” molding alginate, a strong stone casting powder, a reusable casting container, wooden cleaning tool, latex-free protective gloves and sandpaper, covering all the bases.

Edinburgh Hand Hold Casting Kit, best gifts for couples Buy: Edinburgh Hand Hold Casting Kit $68.99

13. Victrola Vintage Bluetooth Record Player with Built-in Speakers


In case you haven’t heard, vinyl is back big time, which makes this a great gift for couples who miss concerts and the magic of live music. This delightful vintage-inspired record player is super compact and portable with built-in speakers, so it’s a low-maintenance way to bring a record player into their home and especially ideal if they’re tight on space. It comes in a range of colors and designs, from bubblegum pink to denim to tie-dye. The three-speed belt-driven turntable has impressive sound and you can even stream smartphone audio through the turntable’s built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers Buy: Victrola Vintage Bluetooth Record Player with Built-in Speakers $46.69 (orig. $59.99) 22% OFF

14. Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket


Snuggling up on the couch is one of the best things about being half of a couple. This incredibly chic throw blanket will make their next binge session even cozier. The geometric weave in a classic pattern adds a fun textural touch, while the mustard-colored tassel fringe adds a pop of color.

Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket, best gifts for couples Buy: Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket $51.24

15. FirsTime & Co. Gold Odessa Bar Cart


For the couple whose cocktail shaker is always in motion, a sleek bar cart might just be their new prized possession. Not only is this bar cart a striking accent piece, but it’s also very functional. The gold metal frame has two glass mirror shelves and its open design makes it versatile for arranging drinks and snacks, with four metal wheels for easy movement. It also doubles as dining storage, a coffee cart or an end table. American crafted, it comes in a range of sizes.

FirsTime & Co. Gold Odessa Bar Cart Buy: FirsTime & Co. Gold Odessa Bar Cart $121.30 (orig. $128.02) 5% OFF

16. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test


All couples with rescue dogs have one thing in common: they’re obsessed with them. That’s why this dog breed DNA testing kit is the perfect gift for couples who are dog moms and dads. All it takes is a cheek swab that they can do themselves for the Wisdom Panel test to check for more than 350 breeds and varieties of dogs. After they collect their dog’s DNA with the cheek swab, they can activate the kit online and then mail it in with pre-paid shipping. Two weeks later they’ll have their dog’s ancestry and genetic analysis. It will also reveal things about their dog’s behavior and health needs.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test Buy: Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test $99.99

17. Maps International Scratch The World Travel Map


Since COVID put a damper on their travel plans, they can take a vacation down memory lane with this scratch-off map. As they scratch off the gold coating over each destination they’ve traveled to, they can recall all of the great times they’ve had together. The oversized map has amazing details that were just updated. Countries are in different colors, with details like cities, hill shading, the highest mountains, rivers and state outlines revealed underneath.

Maps International Scratch The World Travel Map Buy: Maps International Scratch The World Travel Map $24.99 (orig. $34.99) 29% OFF

18. iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum


An iRobot Roomba is cheaper than both a cleaning service and a couples’ therapist! You’ll save them a lot of fights over whose turn it is to vacuum since this little guy does all the work. The smart robot vacuum can be scheduled to do its thing via the iRobot HOME app or voice assistant. The three-stage cleaning system and dual multi-surface brushes will leave floors spotless as it sucks up dirt and debris from hard floors and carpets, while the edge-sweeping brush cleans up corners and edges.

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum Buy: iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum $299.99

19. Personalized Mixtape Pillow


Why make them a mixtape when you can get them this pillow instead? It’s one of the best gifts for couples who are music lovers or fans of a good throwback. The double-sided pillow can be personalized with their names on one side and a cute message on the other. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so they can also have some al fresco fun with it.

Personalized Mixtape Pillow Buy: Personalized Mixtape Pillow $58.00

20. BestSelf Relationship Bundle


If they spent the greater part of the last two years in quarantine together, they might be running out of things to do together at home. Maybe they just need to start a new conversation though, and this bundle comes with three conversation prompt decks, 13-week relationship journals, and a 13-week companion course to the relationship journals. Keep things fresh, no matter how long they’ve been together.

BestSelf Relationship Bundle Buy: BestSelf Relationship Bundle $107.20

21. Perfectly Snug Smart Topper


For any couple that just wants deeper sleep, the Smart Topper by Perfectly Snug helps maintain their ideal temperature all night. It cools by gently blowing cool air under and around their bodies. It can also heat things up and provides independent foot warming.

Perfectly Snug Smart Topper Buy: Perfectly Snug Smart Topper $1,649.00

22. Lettuce Grow Farmstand


If this is a couple that boasts a green thumb, they’ll have so much fun with this product that lets them grow their own beautiful and healthy vegetables right at home. It’s a vertical hydroponic garden that will give the gift of wellness in the new year. Plus, what tastes better than a romantic dinner made from herbs and vegetables they have grown?

Lettuce Grow Farmstand Buy: Lettuce Grow 12-Plant Hydroponic Growing System Kit $348.00

23. Anniversary Serving Tray


Hosting a party isn’t what it used to be, but this gift for a couple will give them another reason to look forward to their hosting days. And they can use it right away to have a party for two on Valentine’s Day — or any other occasion. The wooden serving tray can be personalized with their initials and anniversary date on one of the trees. Two lovebirds just a few branches away make it even more sentimental.

gifts for couples - Anniversary Serving Tray Buy: Anniversary Serving Tray $65.00

24. The Book of Us: The Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions


This is sort of a Mad Libs of love, with all sorts of fill-in-the-blank prompts, that will let them fill in the meaningful details about their relationship milestones and memories. Regardless of how long they’ve known each other, there’s no time like the present to reflect on a happy relationship.

The Book of Us: The Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions
Buy: The Book of Us: The Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions $7.05 (orig. $18.00) 61% OFF


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