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Bear witness then call our girlfriends. Praise then call our hairstylists — these are things we’ve all done in the name of Tracee Ellis Ross’ luscious, juicy curls. When the award-winning Black-ish actress first announced her new haircare line, PATTERN, formulated specifically to meet the unmet needs of Black women rocking 3B to 4C hair, it was quickly certified a genius on-brand move for the lovable businesswoman.

Wrapped in its bold black-and-yellow packaging and boasting abstract design, the collection, available exclusively at Ulta Beauty, offers a hydrating shampoo ($20), a leave-in conditioner ($25), a brush ($17), argan oil serum and jojoba oil serum ($25), a hair clip ($10) and a microfiber towel ($19). But the undeniable heroes of this newly launched assortment of hair goodies are its three conditioners ($9-$42).

While we covet Ross’ curly crown no matter the stunning Instagram-worthy style, the compelling Black-owned brand empowers Black women to embrace our own natural curl pattern with pride. So how can you work the Ulta Beauty exclusive line into your wash day regimen?

Pre-PooPre-treating your hair on wash day with essential oil is a no-brainer to keep your shampoo from stripping all the moisture from your scalp and strands. Luckily for us, Ms. Ross added an Argan Oil Serum you can pick up at Ulta Beauty that’s perfect for penetrating your coif for a hydrating cleanse (with PATTERN Hydrating Shampoo, obvi).

Condition Game-ChangersSo before you go coating your coils in palm-sized amounts of conditioner (because, seriously, dime-sized is a joke), pick the formula that’s perfect for your porosity. Medium works for curlies when your curls need a hint of hydration; Heavy is a big hit for coily and tight textures when your hair needs to absorb every ounce of the moisture; Intensive goes deep for tight textures when your hair and scalp need some extra hydration.

On damp hair, work the moisturizing concoction into your coif. For a little extra hair love, let sit and allow the shower steam to work its magic. If you’re a kitchen beautician, cover your hair with a shower cap after you’ve drenched your hair in conditioner for similar results.

Style With Pro-Level Tools Blow drying, braiding and parting are all made easier when your hair is out of the way. Use the PATTERN hair clip you can easily grab at Ulta Beauty to section off your hair with ease. Even detangling is hassle-free with the PATTERN shower brush (just be sure to detangle throughout your routine). Pro-tip? Seal your nightly braids or twists with PATTERN Jojoba Oil Serum.

Visit to shop Tracee Ellis Ross’ PATTERN collection exclusively.

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