Purdy Painter’s Storage Box is a Specialized Modular Tool Box System

Purdy Painters Storage Box Modular System Hero

Purdy – the paintbrush and painting tool company – has come out with their own modular tool storage system designed with painter’s in mind.

Purdy says that theirs is the first tool box system created for Pro painters, allowing users to “Organize, Stow, and Go.”

The system came out a few months ago, but only recently came to my attention thanks to Purdy’s targeted ads on social media.

Purdy Painters Storage Box Tool Box Options

The Purdy Painter’s Storage Box line features an XL rolling tool box, an XL brush and roller box, and a smaller sized supply box.

Purdy Painters Storage Box Filled with Painting Supplies

They advertise that the “two bottom boxes offer plenty of space for all the tools needed on the job – including power tools.”

The rolling box also features “ample space to store multiple gallon cans.”

Purdy Painters Storage Box Extension Pole Holder

The rear of the rolling tool box has two extension pole holders.

While some other brands’ modular tool box systems have fixtures or accessories for holding levels, this is the first I’ve seen of a built-in painting pole holder.

Purdy Painters Storage Box Brush Hanging System

A dedicated brush storage bars helps painters “keep brushes orderly and bristles in top shape” by storing them vertically. Purdy says this can be used before, on the way, or during painting jobs.

Purdy Painters Storage Box Wet Brush Holder

The smaller tool box has a removable covered wet brush and roller bin, with room to hold up to 18″ rollers. Purdy says “it’s designed for moving used brushes and rollers from jobsites to where they’ll be cleaned,” and without getting paint on anything else in the tool box.

The tool box also has plenty of room for tools, fresh rollers, and supplies such as tubes of caulk.

Purdy Painters Storage Box Water Resistance

The boxes have an IP65 water and dust resistance rating.

Purdy Painters Storage Box All Terrain Wheels

The 9-inch all-terrain wheels are described as being replaceable.

Purdy Painters Storage Box Rolling Tool Box

It’s also notable that, based on the product images, the wheels don’t eat up too much of the rolling tool box volume.

Price: $330

The Purdy Painter’s Storage Box looks to only be available via Sherwin Williams.

Thanks to Aaron for the heads-up!


This does look to be a well-thought-out storage system for painters.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Couldn’t Purdy have designed inserts for popular brands’ modular tool box systems instead, such as Dewalt ToughSystem or Milwaukee Packout?

It’s unclear as to whether Purdy will ever offer the different tool boxes individually, or if they plan on expanding the line with additional options.

What if a painter wanted one small tool box for patching tools, and another for clean paint rollers and wet brush storage?


Here’s a 30-second intro video: