Packing Tips

Yesterday, I shared what's in my carry on bag and today I thought I'd share my packing tips. This is just for two nights away in Manchester but it still works even if it's a week away or one night. 

My biggest preference when travelling is having a carry on size suitcase because it's not too big and it also has four wheels which is bonus. Plus it's easy to pull when I'm in a station or an airport too and fits everything I'll need. This is by It Luggage and it has lasted me a few years. 
It has a zipped pocket on the front, and I use it to keep non-important things in it. 
Inside the zipped pocket I keep a mirror and the reason why I take a handheld mirror is most hotels have mirrors in random spots whether it's the bathroom or a full length mirror. Therefore taking a handheld mirror means I can do my makeup by a desk or on the bed and I don't have to worry about where a mirror is. Another thing I take is a laundry pouch to put laundry in because sometimes when you go away you forget that you need to put your dirty underwear and socks back in your case. Having a laundry pouch means you have a place to put it and your dirty underwear won't mix with your clean clothes. This pouch is part of a packing cube set I got from Amazon. I'd highly recommend packing cubes for travelling although I haven't used any for this trip but if I was going away longer then I'd use packing cubes because it keeps all my clothes organised. 
This is the inside of the case. It just has one big compartment and a mesh pocket. I like to use the straps on the inside because it helps to push all your stuff down a bit more so that your suitcase isn't bulging out. Plus it keeps everything in place. 
In the mesh pocket, I just have a spare face mask just in case. 
Now when it comes to packing, I like to plan my outfits, mainly plan my tops because I only ever wear black jeggings. It's just nice to plan ahead what you like to wear and give yourself some options. I packed two jumpers and a nice top to wear in case we go out for a nice meal. Also remember you have a travelling outfit you can wear while you're away also. I just like to have options but also be comfortable as well. 
Next, I pack a pair of jeggings and I also took some leggings, so I have something comfy to wear in the hotel room. 
I also packed some boots in case we do go out for a meal, and I find heeled boots makes you look like you've made a bit of an effort. This are from Matalan, and I love them. 
Next, I pack a makeup bag and a brush holder. Just always handy to have. The makeup bag and brush holder are from Primark, and they fit all the makeup and brushes I need for when I go away.
This is my go to toiletries bag, and I've had it for a few years now. My biggest tip when travelling is have a prepacked toiletries bag. It really helps knowing you have everything you need like deodorant, a travel sized toothbrush, a mini hairbrush, travel size shampoo etc. It's just super handy and I just check when I'm packing to see if I'm all stocked up then I can always restock if I run out. Either way this is always my go to toiletries bag every time and it's from Superdrug, not sure if they still stock it anymore but you can still get similar toiletry bags anywhere.
As you can see, I have another laundry pouch but this one keeps my clean underwear and socks in. When I travel, I'm always that person that takes more underwear and socks than I need to. The reason though is you may only need three pairs for two nights, but you forget that you wash while you're away and one thing I don't like doing after I wash is putting on underwear I've already worn in the day, I like fresh underwear on after wash. Also it's always good to have spares just in case. Either way I keep it in this laundry pouch just so it's all organised and I know where my underwear is. 
I like to take face wipes with me because it's just handy to get rid of any makeup and works as a quick skincare. 
Finally, I have this Zoella pouch that I've had for the longest time but inside I just keep my jewellery because it keeps my jewellery safe and fits nicely in my suitcase. 
There we have it for my packing tips. I hope it was helpful to any of you going away. This just what I do whenever I go away and never had a problem. One thing I did notice though was I forgot to mention pyjamas and that's because I nearly forgot my pyjamas myself until literally the night before I was going away so that's why I forgot to mention my pyjamas in this post but here's a little reminder now you if you also forget your pyjamas. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I'll be back again tomorrow with another post. 

See you then. 

Megan x 

*This is not a sponsored post* 

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