Nuskha Facemask Capsules

Designer: Shreya Dhar
3D model designer: Srushti Atre
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design Pune
Tutor: Mr. Rajendra Thakre
Packaging Contents: Water soluble Facemask Capsules
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal bottle, Recyclable plastic for clasps of brush holder
Printing Process: Digital Printing

The skincare industry is a part of the FMCG sector and is considered one of the rapidly growing dynamic markets in India. Clinical skincare, DIY beauty and a customer who wants more — the Indian beauty industry is riding a wave of change. While usage of skincare products in India is low, the market is being driven by the younger cohort. The rising penetration of derma players and the emergence of online brands are expected to positively influence the market moving forward.

Nuskha is an Indian clinical semi-luxury skincare company, a dermatologist proven initiative for vocalising the use of local DIY skin products in the form of something more easily usable. Debunking fads like using lemons, toothpaste and scrubs. Initiating a switch to a truthful source. Nuskha would promote the use of the correct balance of Indian Ayurveda and clinical serums for maximum effects following a zero-waste lifestyle.

Some of the pre-existent constraints Nuskha would be catering to would be:
  • All-natural Nuskha products are suitable for every skin type.
  • The products are gentle on their skin, as in the past customers have complained about facing break out problems
  • The process of making a DIY mask is too tedious and it has an unpleasant odour, our water-soluble capsules would make the process streamlined.
  • Masks aren’t that permeable due to their thick consistency, hence dermats recommend acids that Nuskha would imbibe with Indian Ayurveda.
  • Brands have been constantly marketing on the latest idea of natural and chemical-free products, forgetting the fact that everything in this world is made of chemicals, Nuskha would provide full transparency while using their products as well as giving the users the freedom to choose from various options suitable to their need.
  • Drugstore brands sell facemasks as a liquid in plastic tubes, contributing to the waste, Nuskha facemask capsules will come in a tin bottle with refill bags.

Product Based- A zero waste range of facemasks infused with essential clinical serums and Indian ayurvedic skincare ingredients packaged in the form of powder capsules, soluble in a liquid. Why capsules? This will help the users in understanding portions and sealed hard gelatin capsules can be good oxygen barriers. Capsules can be opened to obtain powdered ingredients and unique mixes of ingredients are possible. It will cater to a range of different skin types like Oily, Dry, Sensitive, combination and normal catering to various skin problems. It will be one step process, with no fuss and quick to apply yet maintaining its authenticity and not selling products like sheet masks which are highly polluting and give no proven results.

Service-Based- Users with various skin conditions and requirements will get to choose amongst a plethora of options to customise their face mask capsules, depending on their preferences.

The packaging would be airtight, sustainable and reusable along with a collapsible brush on the bottom for application. The capsules will come in the metal container after which the user will get subscription refill bags. The container can also be used to store mints and smaller items. This will help build a zero-waste lifestyle.

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