New Festool Tools and Accessories Launching in 2022

Quite a few new Festool tools and accessories are set to launch in Q1 2022.

Following is a quick-look at all of the new Festool tools that we’ve learned about so far.

Retailers have started to issue preorder announcements, and I’m told that Festool USA will provide more information on all of the new tools shortly.

At this time, everything you see here is expected to start shipping next month – March 2022.

Festool TS 55 FEQ Plunge Cut Track Saw


Festool will be launching a new iteration of their 6-1/4″ TS55 plunge cutting track saw, the TS 55 FEQ-F-Plus.

Retailers are advertising that this saw cuts “2X as fast,” thanks to “concentrated torque.” Additionally, there will be a “new generation of cutting blades.”

It’s unclear what exactly contributes to the saw’s faster cutting, and whether Festool is referring to the thinner kerf saw blades they launched last year or an additional blade expansion beyond that.

Aside from claims of “concentrated torque” and “2X as fast” cutting, the new TS 55 FEQ appears to be identical to its predecessor, the TS 55 REQ.

Price: $599 or $699 w/ 55″ track
ETA: March 2022

Festool Quadrive TPC 18V Cordless Hammer Drill


Festool has a new 18V cordless hammer drill with modular-style attachment interface. It comes with a Centrotec tool chuck (built-in), Centrotec magnetic 1/4″ hex bit holder, and FastFix keyless drill chuck (1/2″).

The full 2-battery kit also includes a FastFix right angle chuck, charger, and 2x 4.0Ah batteries.

The drill features a brushless motor, “intelligent Kickbackstop,” and a 4-speed Quadrive gearbox. Festool says that the Quadrive gearbox delivers 442.5 in-lbs of max torque in the first gear, and up to 3600 RPM in the fourth gear.

This appears to be a new flagship product, with Festool describing it as the best drill they ever built.

Price: $349 for the tool bundle, $549 for the kit
ETA: March 2022

Festool OF 1010 R Router


Festool has updated their compact router, with the OF 1010 R. Compared to the previous model, the OF 1010 R has a newly designed round dust port, and its plunge locking mechanism now clamps down on both guide columns.

This model cannot be used with a router table.

Price: $499
ETA: March 2022

Festool Guide Rail Accessory Kit (577157)


It looks like Festool has come out with a couple of new guide rail accessories that are bundled together in a new kit, including a new FS-WA angle stop, guide rail deflector, and a pair of new track connectors.

Price: $299
ETA: March 2022

Festool Limited Edition SYS-MFT Clamping Set (577131)


There’s a new Festool limited edition SYS-MFT clamping set, model 577131, which comes with an assortment of clamps, pegs, and stops that work with their MFT/3 table and compatible workbench tops with 20mm dog holes.

Price: $299
ETA: March 2022

Festool TOPROCK BT20 Bluetooth Jobsite Speaker


The TopRock BT20 Bluetooth speaker looks identical to the TopRock Bluetooth speaker that Festool launched overseas in late 2020.

The Festool TopRock speaker can be powered by its internal (built-in) battery, or the included AC adapter. A full battery charge can power the radio for up to 10 hours at medium volume.

With the TopRock, the music player and battery are all built into the lid, with the central compartment available for tool and parts storage.

Price: $225
ETA: March 2022

New Festool Cleaning Sets


Festool has several new cleaning sets, but it’s unclear as to what exactly has changed.

From the product images and list of parts, it seems that they made a change to the small brush nozzle and possibly downgraded the floor nozzle attachment.

Festool’s previous cleaning sets came with a floor nozzle and interchangeable surface attachments, whereas these come with a “standard nozzle.”

Price: $105 and up
ETA: March 2022

New FS-KP Guide Rails with Slots and Adhesive Pads

Festool Guide Rail with Adhesive Pads

Festool has new guide rails, with a central slot sized to fit onto Systainer tool box handles for easier transport, and smaller slots that work with also-new adhesive pads.


The adhesive pads are designed to help with work on floors and other horizontal work surfaces, and also on walls.

The tracks will be available in 55″ (FS 1400/2-KP) and 75″ (FS 1900/2-KP) sizes. Additional adhesive pads are available in a 30-count packs.

Price: $165 for 55″, $245 for 75″, $30 for (30) pads
ETA: March 2022

New Festool Anti-Static Hoses

Festool Antistatic Smooth Suction Hose with Rotating Angle Adapter

There are new anti-static hoses with a straight or rotating angle adapter on the vacuum-end, and Cleantec connecting sleeve on the tool-end. The Cleantec connector has a bayonet fitting for easier connection to newer Festool tools, and an adjustable bypass for controlling airflow and suction power.

Price: $119 and up
ETA: March 2022

The hoses have a conical geometry design – “27/32mm” – where they gradually taper for improved suction power. The outer sheathing is smooth, for better handling and reduced snagging.