Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Mother’s Day is right around the corner- less than two weeks away- so time to pull those gifts together.  I thought I’d share a few ideas for what Mom might like this year.  

For the Mom that needs relaxation:

Bath Tub Tray.  This is a fun gift that can go with all sorts of beauty products such as Tree Hut Shave Oil – I really love this stuff. It is a delicious smelling oil to use instead of shaving cream or gel. Bum Bum Cream – this is a new product from Sol de Janeiro that is a body cream filled with collagen to make skin appear plumper and more youthful. Moon + Joon bath products.  These look beautiful and are very affordable.  

For the Mom that works from home:

RockDove Slippers. Ok these slippers are so well made.  They are super light and comfortable, washable and I absolutely love mine. I like this style because it looks slightly more put together when she answers the door during the day or pops out to grab the mail.  

Ohom Mug Warmer.  This is a beautiful mug and mug warmer that keeps hot beverages nice and hot.  The mug is dishwasher safe and the warming base also serves as a phone charger.

For the Mom that loves to travel or hits the beach/pool all summer:

Igloo Tag Along Cooler.  This is such a cute little cooler.  Perfect medium size, sturdy and it comes in several vibrant colors.

Beach Bag. This is a really affordable tote that is actually very cute in person.  Perfect to hold a book and water for a beach vacation.

Coola Hair Mist. I thought a fun/practical beauty product to go in the bag would be great and any Coola product is perfect. This is a scalp and hair mist with sunscreen to keep her hair healthy in the sun.

Powder Brush On Sunscreen.  I love sunscreen powders- these are a very lightweight setting powder with SPF to give you one more layer of protection without slathering on sunscreen. 

For the Sports Mom/ Dance Mom:

This is my specialty because I am basically an Uber driver for my kids. If you know a mom that has multiple kids in sports or has kids in competitive programs, they quite literally live in the car.  Handy items to organize the car or make Mom a little more comfortable would be a great gift.  You can pair these ideas with a gift certificate to get the car detailed and that would be an awesome gift.

Car Cup Holder. This thing seems silly at first but it is actually pretty handy.  It is an expandable cup holder to accommodate  larger water bottles.  It also has a little tray that is perfect for snacking in the car or holding an ipad, notebook or phone.  In the last month we have driven one daughter to Vegas, San Francisco and Portland for soccer and this would be really handy for her to use on road trips. 

Meal Planner Notebook.  I am always trying to be efficient in my car time- waiting for practice to end or for games to start.  Some lovely pens and a notebook would be very nice.  Pens

SuperGoop Sunscreen. Yes this is a little stick to keep in the car to refresh sunscreen.  

Car Air Diffuser.  Yup.  Hauling around little athletes can be a stinky business. 

Simple Modern Water Bottle.  Most of us have tons of water bottles but I like to get my own brand new fresh one before summer.  The tumblers with straws are super popular right now but I like to have a bottles that seals that I can toss in my bag or wagon and not worry about spills. 

Lunch Bag. These bags are simple and cute and stuffing them with Mom’s favorite snacks would be a lovely gift.  I keep a lunchbox in my car with snacks and it comes in handy all the time.  If I get delayed all day running errands or forget to each lunch etc.. I can grab a snack from the bag and avoid the drive thru.

Neck Fan.  These look silly to me but I have actually heard they work really well.  In CA the weather gets over 100 so I am going to pick one of these up for myself.  

Double Decker Wagon.  Yes this is a great gift particularly for Ballpark Moms.  Y’all I was just at the ballpark over the weekend and was trying to carry my chair, umbrella, lunch bag, tumbler, camera bag etc… I looked like a moron plus the chair fell out of the bag and I had to toss it aside and come back for it and dumping the rest of my junk in car.  So much for dignity.  This allows Mom to tuck away chairs or umbrellas underneath and stuff the top with blankets and coolers and all the things.

I hope some of you get inspired by this list and more importantly I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day with all the love and appreciation you deserve.


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