Last Week on ToolGuyd, Social Media Tool Talk (10/21/2019)

As mentioned on our last social media update, I’ve been posting more on social media. First, it was because I was encouraged to post more by an industry friend, but then I started getting a little more into it.

I once had in mind to use the ToolGuyd forum as a catchall for little tool observations, notes, and comments that typically don’t make it into regular ToolGuyd post content, but I never got around to it. I’ve been finding Instagram to be convenient for these things. It doesn’t cause much of a distraction, and I’ve been finding it to be a somewhat natural outlet.

I don’t quite know how to describe it. ToolGuyd Lite? ToolGuyd behind the scenes? Misc. day to day interjections? Asides? “Bits and Pieces?”

It doesn’t take away from my regular ToolGuyd testing, review, write-up, commenting, or coverage activities or efforts. Social media more gives me a place for little things that I feel are worth sharing and that would otherwise vaporize. I’m liking it.

A lot of times, and I’m talking about behavior and a habit going back years, I’d take a quick photo of something tool-related, but then I’d end up not being able budget the time for a full post, or I’d lose interest. Social media lets me put those photos and quick thoughts or opinions out there. That’s why in a way I consider it “ToolGuyd Lite.”

What I’m saying is that as long as there’s interest, I’ll keep on with all efforts. I know that some of you aren’t too keen on Instagram and social media, and that’s okay. Part of the reason I am willing to put a little more effort into it than previously is because I know I could share those same posts here, such as in occasional summary posts like this one.

The idea is that, assuming you’re interested in the content, you can avoid social media if you’d like without having to miss out.

Feedback is of course always appreciated.

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Here’s what we posted about last week:

(Sometimes I’ll share something from a ToolGuyd post too, but I’ll omit those. If you missed something from last week, you can always look for it on the front page.)

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@dewalttough MaxFit or MaxImpact bits? I picked up both, plus @milwaukeetool and @makitatools for comparison. None of these brands' bits resemble anything like older inpact-rated accessories. Lots of improvements over the years. #tools #fastening #powertools #dewalt #milwaukeetools #makita #contractor

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Tapping threads doesn't always have to be grunt work. This was from a past project where I paired a power tap with a @dewalttough drill. The application was tapping end holes in 8020 aluminum extrusion for foot blocks that can hold larger diameter swivel foot stems. Most of my taps are smaller diameter hand taps that I would only use manually. I buy larger taps in spiral and machine-use styles, and they work well on aluminum with a drill at careful pressure and low speeds. I always test first before use on costly or irreplaceable parts. Digging out a broken tap will ruin the part, your day, or both. YMMV The stick lube was a mistake – a water soluble lube would have been easier to clean chips from the threads. #tools #machining #cordlesstools #dewalt

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I should dig out my @portercable pocket hole jig sample, it's one of my favorite tools from this brand. I'd love to see @craftsman come out with something similar. I last used it around 3 years ago, been using a @festool_usa Domino sample for all of the drawers and other stuff I used to use pocket hole screws for. #tools #woodworking #craftsmantools #joinery

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Looking at some older photos on my phone, the garage door installer had a @_husky_tools_ bag from @homedepot filled with @dewalttough tools. I love seeing the kinds of gear different pros, installers, and techs use. #tools #dewalt #homedepot

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Going to give the @festool_usa CXS multi-drill/driver a whirl this week. A couple of recent projects gave me an even better appreciation for gracefulness and precision over sheer power. #tools #festool #cordlesstools #contractor #woodworking #toolsample

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My @toolnut purchase just arrived. Isn't this @milwaukeetool trim square so cute! I have a feeling it'll see a lot of use, it's just the right size. Or maybe not, time will tell. #newtools #tools #milwaukeetools #woodworking #madeinamerica

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The one downside to the older @milwaukeetool multi-bit screwdriver, in my opinion at least, is that it comes with 7 bits but only has storage for 6. The last bit stores in the bit holder. If I want compact storage with no loose bits, I have to leave one bit behind, and that's the one I always inevitably wind up needing. *shrug* I have other multi-bit screwdrivers with better but storage, but not really at this price point. It might have been $10? This one might be a #toolsample. Maybe it was from a holiday season promo bundle? I bought a bunch of those over the years. But… without that outside bit, good luck pushing out or grabbing at a different bit you need. It has its downside, but is a darned good general driver, and the compact storage compromise only bugs me on occasion. #milwaukeetools #screwdrivers #contractor #diyer #tools #handtools

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The new @leathermantools USA-made FREE knife multi-tool just arrived. Disclosure – I'm definitely starting off with a bias. I bought a Leatherman knife tool years ago, and it was too bulky for regular use. Great on paper, not so much in practice. The Free promises to be different, and I'm open minded about that. Obviously it's still not going to be perfect for everyone, but I am allowing myself to be optimistic that it'll be better than what I bought around a decade ago. Not all Leatherman tools are perfect for all kinds of users. The same is probably true about these knife tools. But, they've also had plenty of time to refine over the years. It's a weird feeling, to feel biased against it but optimistic at the same time. I'm fighting a cold, so I'll give it a whirl starting tomorrow morning. #newtools #tools #toolsample #leatherman #madeinusa #multi-tools #edctools #edc #knives #contractor #diyer

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Ever feel indecisive about power tool accessories? It's time for a fresh comparison between @dewalttough , @milwaukeetool , and @makitatools impact-rated screwdriver bits. I bought a pack of @ryobitoolsusa bits while I was at it too. Maybe next time I'll add in @weratoolrebels. I have a supply of @boschtoolsna I can draw from too, will try to find individual packs locally. We talked about this recently, but which brand of bits do you prefer? Does anyone use separate screwdriver bits for drills and impact drivers anymore? #tools #powertools #dewalt #milwaukeetools #makita #ryobi

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@milwaukeetool Gen 1 RedLithium USB charger (top) vs. New RedLithium USB charger AND power port (bottom). Smaller size and added functionality, what's not to like? #newtools #milwaukeetools #tools #charger #toolsample #contractor #diyer #cordlesstools #powertools

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We get a lot of use out of this @milwaukeetool cooler. Visiting family and friends and delivering homemade pickles (fermented, not vinegar). Can be hard to carry when fully loaded, but its capacity is often appreciated. This isn't something I would have bought for myself, but I'm also putting more miles on it than I would have expexted. I believe it was an NPS16 sample? #tools #milwaukeetools #cooler #toolguyd #lunchbox

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Found my second @rockler_woodworking silicone glue brush after missing it for maybe a year. Peeled and pulled off the hardened glue. After a quick rinse it'll be good to go. #tools #rockler #woodworking #glue

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@loweshomeimprovement has new @craftsman tools on display, but be sure to watch prices at checkout. This cordless screwdriver was marked $29 but rang up at $49. #newtools #tools #craftsman #craftsmantools #lowes #tooldeals #diyer #contractor

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New @arrowfastener "limited edition" stapler at @homedepot . Not very exciting, but okay. But then I saw the reusable belt case for extra staples. They NEED to sell that as a separate accessory! #newtools #tools #stapler #contractor #diyer #homedepot #madeinusa #tooldeals

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If a mechanics tool set ships in a blow molded case, this is is almost always what it looks like inside after it arrives via home delivery. With this set, two sockets made it out of the locked and zip-tied box, and it was bulging open at the seams. Looks bad, but not the end of the world. Update: I spoke too soon. The case is toast, stress busted the hinges, it'll do this the next time it's carried upright. I HATE BLOW-MOLDED cases. #tools #mechanics #wrenching #homedepot

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