Kyle Richards Say Garcelle Beauvais Is The Queen Of Deflection And Lisa Vanderpump Is The Queen Of Holding Grudges On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are bringing it this season. And it’s a refreshing change from the past few seasons filled with gang-ups, deflections and a whole lot of NOT owning it. We know that Erika Vain Jayne’s fishy divorce and ongoing legal issues with Tom Girardi will be addressed shortly, and she’s choosing her words carefully since the feds are tuning into Bravo now. Sutton Stracke is putting her new diamond to work with her constant crying and ugly feud with newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff. Garcelle Beauvais is not over Lisa Rinna’s behavior last season toward her so-called friend Denise Richards. And it’s pretty hilarious to watch Rinna continue to try to brush it off, while Garcelle refuses to let up. And don’t even get me started on the joy that is Kathy Hilton, the true savior of RHOBH.

It appears as though the RHOBH cast is paying attention to what fans have been saying about the past few seasons. Rinna is doing overtime to try to appear like a good friend. The girls are learning to throw shade in every direction, rather than ganging up on one person. Well, unless that person is Lisa Vanderpump.

These ladies, particularly LVP’s old buddies Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards, will never let up on shading the Brit for their volatile past. And while a Kyle and LVP reconciliation would happen when pigs fly (or when Erika is actually HONEST about ANYTHING in her life), the two can’t help but have a little fun by being shady to one another in the press. To me, it honestly seems like they miss each other because they both love to bring the other up any chance they get. It’s almost kind of endearing, in some sick and twisted way.

Kyle appeared on Watch What Happens Live to answer questions about the current RHOBH cast. The bit featured Andy Cohen asking Kyle her opinions on her fellow castmates, including who she thinks is the queen of keeping secrets (obviously shady-ass Erika) and who is the queen of comedy (Kathy). She was asked who is the queen of deflection, and hesitantly named Garcelle. Veryyy curious to know what she thinks Garcelle is deflecting about. And will this shade somehow affect their newfound truce?

Then, Andy asked Kyle who she thought was the queen of holding grudges. Only the current RHOBH cast was shown on the screen, so Kyle replied, “She’s not shown here right now.” Hmmm, I wonder who that could be about? Maybe the OG who skipped out on the Season 9 reunion never to return after #puppygate scandal.


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Kyle ended up picking Sutton right now, which varies from her co-stars who have previously said Garcelle and Crystal love to hold grudges. Sutton seems like the easy pick since she’s had such a crazy trip to Lake Tahoe, but we’ll have to keep tuning in this season to see. But if given the option, all of the ladies would’ve probably picked LVP at this point.

Kyle also picked Sutton as the queen of crying on cue, and is anyone really shocked? To my surprise, she named Rinna as the queen of leading the pack, even though deep-down Kyle probably would’ve picked herself. Maybe she’s also trying to help revive Rinna’s image of being a horrible friend. We know Kyle loves charity work. 


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