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Gift Guide for a Slow Home that is filled with Intention on Local Milk Blog with guest poster Melissa Parman offering all the gift ideas for you this holiday season

Hello, Local Milk readers! My name is Melissa, and I am so happy to be able to share this slow home gift guide with you today! The holidays are my favorite time of year for so many reasons, but my favorite may be snuggling on our sofa under a quilt in front of the twinkling lights on our tree. There is nothing quite like home during these last few months of the year, and we love taking a cue from the shorter days to slow down when we arrive home. The holiday season is often so rushed, and I welcome every opportunity I can to slow down and enjoy my family, friends, and home.

I love giving gifts during this season in a mindful, considered way. This looks different for every person, but the end goal for me is about cultivating the simple joy of gifting and sharing that experience with a loved one. One practical tip for mindful gift-giving is to keep a list of ideas on my phone or in a notebook. This can be things the person may have mentioned throughout the year, ideas I have for making gifts, or things I have seen that they may like. I find that this sets a tone for intentional purchases for my loved ones and creates less stress for me, come the last few months of the year! Sometimes that doesnt work, however, and thats when I like to either fall back on things that I love and use often or reference gift guides that Ive loved and saved over the years for when I need some inspiration!

I chose the gifts in this guide to reflect items for the home I would love to give and to receive. They are all life-giving in some way. A beautiful treat someone may not splurge on for themselves, the gift of coziness, a moment of stillness, or something that can be shared and enjoyed with others. I always want the gifts I give to encourage a slower pace, even if only for a moment. I hope these ideas help you find more time in your holiday season to gather and be merry with your dear friends and family and snuggle on your sofa in your pajamas!

Gift Guide for a Slow Home

  1. ERA Ceramics Tallow Mesa Vase
  2. ERA Ceramics Mystic Beach Share Plate
  3. June Home Supply Iron Candle Holder
  4. Celeste Greene Art
  5. Fredericks and Mae Braided Skinny Tapers
  6. JWDA Concrete Table Lamp
  7. Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover
  8. Eli and Barry Hanky in Foam Linen
  9. June Home Supply Canvas Half-Wall Organizer
  10. Kat and Roger Match Striker
  11. Libeco Napoli Vintage Linen Pillow Cover
  12. Alder & Co. Cream Marble Soap Dish
  13. Agnes Martin Book
  14. Fog Linen Chambray Linen Blanket in Natural Stripe
  15. Fog Linen Linen Waffle Towels in Natural
  16. Rikumo Sasawashi Room Shoes
  17. Redout: Selection of the Most Beautiful Flowers Book
  18. June Home Supply Iris Hantverk Table Brush
  19. Olli Ella Bowery Basket
  20. Fredericks and Mae Moon Dominos
  21. Four Point Puzzles Moon Puzzle
  22. June Home Supply Dust Pan & Brush in White
  23. Sir|Madam Studio Ruler
  24. June Home Supply Parisian Cotton Net Bag
  25. June Home Supply Tsubame Notebook
  26. Homesong Market Reusable Fabric Bowl Covers
  27. Workaday Handmade Stoneware Casserole in Pale Pink
  28. TOIRO Classic-Style All-Purpose Donabel
  29. Small Hand Blown Drinking Glasses
  30. Sarah Kersten Studio Salad Bowl

Melissa is a homemaker and artist living in Texas. She is currently practicing watercolors, quilting, and photography. She believes in pursuing a mindful, slower-paced life, and is always seeking out simple, sustainable practices for her home.

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