Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Vase

I am not one who decorates for every holiday, but I do like to add a few things here and there every once in a while. I really love Valentine's day and always, at the very least, decorate the fireplace mantel. By the time February hits, I am so tired of winter that I start buying fresh flowers for my home. I thought it would be fun to create an easy DIY Valentine's Day vase for this years mantel!

It doesn't get much easier that this diy project! All you need are these few supplies: (contains affiliate links)


Glass Etching Cream

Paint Brush

Glass Vase

Vinyl or Stickers

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Vase

I bought this vase at my local dollar store. I buy a lot of them because they are so inexpensive and then when I give flowers to someone, I don't have to worry about getting the vase back. They have taller ones and a smaller vase option as well. I like the simple shape and clean lines. They work great for glass etching! I have glass etched stripes and other patterns on vases in the past.

I cut out the heart shape stickers with my cricut machine, but you can buy stickers if you don't have a vinyl cutting machine. I chose to do three different sized hearts and placed them randomly on the vase. You could also create a uniform pattern. If you want the hearts themselves to be etched, you would have to use the negative space of the cut vinyl to create a stencil. You can see an example of that in my glass etched ornament tutorial. That version uses less etching cream.

Using a craft paint brush, add the etching cream to the vase. Make sure it is a thich, even coat. A thin coat of etching cream will be fainter than a thick coat so if it is uneven, the end result will be uneven as well. I stick my left hand inside the vase while my right hand applies the cream. This way I don't get any cream on my skin. If you are worried about possibly getting it on your hands, wear gloves.

Let the vase sit for at least 10 minutes so the etching cream can do it thing. Then you will rinse it off with water. I like to use the same brush I used to apply it, to help brush off the cream.

As soon as it is clean and dry, peel off the stickers. It is so fun to peel them off and see the reveal!

Now it is ready to be filled with beautiful flowers! It really is such a simple craft. I also think it would make a stunning candle holder. Imagine how cute it would be as a table decoration for a Valentines Day dinner? You wouldn't have to wait for Valentine's day either. It would work for anniversaries and other special occasions.

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? Would you ever try this easy Valentine's Day craft?

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