DIY Birthday Cards: Homemade Cards that Will Impress

Send special birthday wishes to family and friends with a one of a kind homemade card. Get all of the creative inspiration you need with this list of 25 DIY birthday cards!

Impressive Homemade Birthday Cards

Why you should give a homemade birthday card

There are so many reasons why a DIY card is a good idea for birthdays, holidays and even invitations:

  • The recipient will feel appreciated. You took the time to create something just for them! Who wouldn’t love that?
  • DIY cards are less expensive. You can make a birthday card at home with supplies you probably already have on hand. Nice store-bought greeting cards can be $4-8 each. If you have a lot of birthdays to celebrate, this can get pretty expensive!
  • You have more creative control. How long does it take to find just the right card in the store? Way too long. You find cards that look good but say the wrong thing and other cards that have the right sentiment but are really not your style. If you make your own card, you can get exactly what you want!
  • You can use up extra craft supplies. Birthday cards don’t require a lot of material. You can use ribbon and paper scraps, the tiny bit of glitter left in the container, and that one watercolor paint your kids never use.

If you haven’t made your own greeting card before, you may be thinking ‘I’m not crafty‘ or ‘I don’t have stamps or one of those cutting machines‘. I’m here to tell you, that anyone can make their own cards! I’ve collected 25 easy to make birthday cards that have detailed instructions. Plus, they don’t require any expensive tools. You can do this!! Just pick one of the DIY birthday cards below…

DIY Birthday Cards

Make someone's big day extra special with one of these impressive DIY birthday cards!


Cute Cupcake Card

Instead of giving out store bought cards, try mixing things up with a handmade one. Isn’t this DIY cupcake birthday card super cute and fun?


Easy Watercolor Card

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No painting skills required for these cards — and no special tools. Kristina made these watercolor birthday cards using an inexpensive Crayola watercolor set!


Giant Greeting Cards

Learn how to make oversized greeting cards the easy way! Make these for Christmas, birthday, graduation, baby showers, and more. Can you believe they are made using cardboard?


Happy Birthday Banner Box

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Give the birthday boy or girl a cute banner they can hang up after their special day. They will cherish this much longer than a card!


Secret Message Card

Learn how to make a surprise message card that the recipient will love! This cute secret message card is perfect for birthdays and holidays. Such a great kids’ craft project.


HOORAY Gift Card Holder/Card

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No time to shop for a gift? Get a gift card and give it in this bright little gift card holder/card! It is the perfect gift for anyone on your list, and for any occasion. 


Thumbprint Birthday Balloons

Cardstock paper, Sharpie markers and a few washable ink pads are the basis for this card. Get the kids involved by using their thumbprints for the balloons!


Embroidered Cards

These DIY embroidered cards are a lot of fun to make and are impressive to give! You could even get kids involved in punching the holes or doing the embroidery.


Pop Up Rainbow Card

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Use the free template provided to cut out the pieces needed for this pop-up card. Super easy with a big impact!


Playing Cards

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I love the idea of using playing cards to show the age on a birthday card! Simple and it looks great.


Letterboard Cards

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Melissa created these letterboard style birthday cards by making her own letter stickers. You could also purchase stickers if you can find a font you like!


Washi Tape Birthday Card

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If you can put tape on paper, you can make this DIY Washi tape birthday card! So easy, and you get to use your pretty tape.


Quick Balloon Card

Just cardstock paper and string! If you don't have a birthday stamp, you can write 'Happy Birthday" on the card. No need for beautiful hand-lettering skills, just basic writing is fine!


Birthday Card Accordion

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Kara created this for her husband who was deployed during his birthday. She put 7 cards — 1 for him to open each day of his birthday week. You could also fill it with photos or drawings!


Sprinkles Lollipop Card

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This homemade card featuring sprinkle-topped lollipops is so easy to make! You can use these cards for birthdays, showers and invitations. Sprinkle crafts are fun!


Last Minute Greeting Cards

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One watercolor shade and some paper... that is the minimum requirement for these easy cards. You can use a stamp or just write out "HAPPY HAPPY BDAY!!' yourself.


Pom Pom Ice Cream Cards

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Pom pom crafts are great! Download the free printable 'Happy Birthday' background and then add in your pom pom scoops of ice cream.


Birthday Shaker Card

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You can't go wrong with a card that has sequins! Especially one that is a shaker card. Get the free printable to make this fun interactive birthday card.


Button Birthday Card

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Cute and simple card with a 3D effect because of the buttons. So easy your kids can make it!


Glitter Pop-Up Card

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I'm pretty sure glitter and sparkles are the best way to celebrate someone special.


Paper Scrap Cards

This card is for the paper scrap hoarders out there (you know who you are). Use up a few of your precious scraps to make a DIY birthday card or two!


Easy Stamped Card

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No need to buy expensive stamps you might not use again. This birthday card was made using a pencil eraser as a stamp!


3 Cards in Under 5 Minutes

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These dual brush pens from Tombow make birthday cards super easy! See how you can make all three cards in under 5 minutes.


Pop Up Watercolor Flower Card

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Make this beautiful pop-up card using the free printables Ananda has provided. It takes a bit of cutting and time, but is definitely worth it!


3D Cat Card

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Use the free pop up card printable provided or follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own cute cat birthday card! Cat lovers will squeal with delight when they open this card.

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