Day In My Life

I thought a fun post idea would be to share a travel day in my life as last month I went to visit my dad in England and thought why not share a photo journal of my travelling. 
So let's get started:

My travel morning starts like any other morning. In my bedroom. 
Next, after a night's sleep the first stop is the bathroom for the obvious reasons. To relieve my bladder, brush my teeth and wash my face.
One thing I try to do after the bathroom is make my bed because I hate leaving my bed in a mess. Especially if I'm travelling and not coming back for a week, it's nice to leave my place looking nice and tidy. 
All tidy.
Coffee is an essential in the morning and guaranteed most likely to have more than one mugs of coffee.
I like to watch things while getting ready to start my day and one of the things I've been binge watching recently is Not Going Out. I love it.
To make myself feel normal I like to do my makeup, but I keep it very simple. Plus I know this is the same makeup I'm taking with me, so I like to be prepared with my makeup bag and brush holder.
Now I usually pack everything the night before, but I had a few last minute bits like my makeup bag and hairbrush to pack up so I just double check I have everything I need.
This is my new suitcase from the brand Flight Knight that I got from Amazon. I love it because it's purple so it's easy to stand out amongst the black and grey suitcases. Plus it is a hard shell and four wheels which is essential for me when travelling. 
I obviously I have to get ready as much as I wished travelling in your pyjamas was normal. Not that I've ever done that in my life, so I got to get ready, and I chose to wear a jumper and jeggings because comfy. 
Next, I have to make sure I have everything in my carry on bag just so I have all my essentials and things to do on the train like reading a book or listening to music.
This is my everyday bag that I use as my carry on bag, and I got it years ago from Primark and it's the perfect size for everyday use because it fits everything I need.
So I eventually leave the house to catch my train because this wouldn't be a travel day without travelling. 
This is on the train. I always like to make sure I have a seat near my suitcase because the last thing I want to happen when travelling is lose my suitcase.
I love travelling in Wales because there are such beautiful views to look at when you go by train. 
I also couldn't resist having a snack and a cup of tea because it was a five hour journey, and I was hungry.
Finally, I changed trains and made my way down to Bristol. Overall it was a smooth journey.
So that's it for my travel day in my life, mainly because I didn't take any more photos for the rest of day because I was too busy enjoying family time. 

Hope you enjoyed this little travel day in my life, and I'll be back tomorrow with another post. 

See you then.

Megan x

*This is not a sponsored post* 

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