Bro’s Painted Bathroom Follow-Up

A couple of weeks ago I shared how our painted kitchen was holding up, and I have another throwback today.  This past week, I revisited the budget bathroom I had done for my brother a few years ago.  We worked with (almost) everything as it was, and updated it all with different paint treatments.  If you’ve ever wondered how my bro’s painted bathroom held up, then this is the place for you! 

Here is one of the original photos I took from the room:

bros painted bathroom recap

I finally had the chance to visit my brother’s house after working on his bathroom and kitchen way back in 2016/2017.  We had started working on my brother’s kitchen in November 2016, and even though I planned for it to take one weekend… it went on a couple of months! 

I was travelling with little Zachary, and my brother lives 6+ hours away, so it was a bit tricky.  Even so, I decided to tackle his powder room for the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge.  (While we finished up the kitchen, so it all worked out).  

If you missed the original project, here are the links:

Essentially, we painted almost every single surface in the bathroom!  After over 3 years of use, I went back and checked out how everything had lasted.

Here’s what the room looked like a few days ago:

bros budget bathroom as is

Let’s start with the good, then go down to the bad!

Review: The DIY Painted Floors

We painted the floors with porch and floor paint, and they’ve held up great! 

painted bathroom floors

The original floor was a vinyl/linoleum sheet, and I chose to do a faux tile look using the grooves as guides.  It looks as good as the day I did them, and I couldn’t find any places where the paint had come up!

bros painted bathroom floors

Other than being covered in litter box dust, I’d give the floors a 10/10!  I’ve since used the same paint on another painted floor project, but I haven’t had the chance to see how they’ve lasted. 

I would definitely do this project again :)

bros painted bathroom recap

Make sure to read the original post to see how to paint your floors.

Review: The Updated and Painted 80s Cabinet

We started with one of those off-white melamine and wood cabinets, and I wanted everything to be bright white.

Not only did I remove the brown lip (used to open the drawers/doors), but I also added some thin trim to build out the doors and drawers. 

painted 80s cabinet

The cabinet/bathroom could use a good cleaning (I did that after), but was mostly hanging in alright!  There was one small chip on one of the doors, but I’m sure a little paint touch-up would cover that right up.

bros painted bathroom vanity

Read all about the cabinet upgrade here

Review: The Spray Painted Counter Top

In addition to reworking the vanity itself, I also spray painted the countertop

painted bathroom vanity

The counters were just as dusty as the floors (and walls, etc.) but I knew that my brother was avoiding cleaning them…

painted bathroom counters

Just a bit after I had finished the bathroom, my brother (and his roommates) noticed that there was some paint coming up.

bathroom counters wear

It had happened after a light wipe (so I am told), and I think they just stopped cleaning the counters in here…

It clearly needed to be done, so I grabbed some soap and used a scrub brush everywhere.  I wanted to be thorough in my cleaning but also tried not to press too hard where it had come up already.  (It felt like I could have probably scratched with a scraper and removed more of the finish).

painted bathroom counter

The photo above shows the counters (and the newly revealed spots) after a good cleaning.  The spray paint did say to cover a similarly coloured surface, so had we painted the counters grey before, it wouldn’t have been as noticeable.  

spray painted bathroom counter

I left an extra can of spray paint with my brother and told him to give it another coat.  And, rather than spray paint a sealer (as we did before), I think if we rolled/brushed on a clear coat, it would be more stable.

bros painted bathroom counters

Read about the painted countertop transformation here

Painted Bathroom Follow-Up

Un-surprisingly, the accessories and styling didn’t change much from the way I left it 3 years ago.  The diamond accent wall is just as fun and bold as it was, and the art prints are still up (although a little dusty).

bathroom toilet paper holder

I will note that the toilet paper holder lost its finish.  I didn’t notice it at first, but it was all splotchy and could probably be replaced.  Not sure why it didn’t last (since I had bought it new).

bros bathroom catch up

Can I let you in on a little secret?  I’m planning a similar bathroom makeover with paint, so I had a stronger reason to do this painted bathroom follow-up.  (And to finally scratch off this blog post from my running list of ideas). 

Oh, and I’m also helping my brother design a new master ensuite!  But that’s going to be a full-gut-5-figure-reno.  I’m just designing it and planning from afar.  Because an extensive renovation in a town far away with three little children is not something I have the capacity to DIY right now, ha!

Do you have any other projects you’d like me to follow-up on?  In the meantime, we’ll be ironing out the final details for his big bathroom, and I can share those when we’re done :)

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