9 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Windex

A collage of Windex uses: treat upholstery stains, fix a stuck zipper, and polish your fixtures.

If You’re Only Cleaning With Windex, You’re Missing Out!

When it comes to cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass, nothing leaves behind a streak-free shine like Windex. But you might be surprised to find out just how many other ways you can put that blue bottle of window cleaner to work around the house!

In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing 9 unexpected uses for Windex. From cleaning up your car to treating upholstery stains, fixing zippers, and even killing ants, these Windex uses prove this glass cleaner is actually a multi-purpose workhorse!

9 Windex Uses You Should Try ASAP

Use Windex on a sock to clean your dirty car cup holders.

1. Clean Your Cupholders

Got gunk in your car’s cupholders? With the help of a little Windex, you can clean them out in a flash! Start by pulling an old (clean) sock over the bottom of a cup that fits in your cup holder.

Spray the sock with Windex, put the cup in the cupholder, then press down and twist. The Windex will help cut through the grime and the sock will grab onto the mess, leaving your cupholders squeaky clean!

Use Windex to unstick a zipper -- it won't leave any greasy or oily residue behind.

2. Fix A Zipper

Struggling with a particularly stubborn stuck zipper? Spritz a little Windex on the area. It will help lubricate the zipper so you can pull it free, but it won’t leave behind any gooey or greasy residues.

Use Windex and vinegar to kill and repel ants.

3. Kill Ants

Does Windex kill ants? Yes, it does! If you combine equal parts vinegar and Windex in a spray bottle and spray it in areas where you’ve spotted ant activity, the Windex will kill the ants while the smell of the vinegar will help deter other ants that may be hanging out in the area.

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Use Windex on your kitchen floor to make heavy appliances easier to slide.

4. Move Heavy Appliances

The next time you need to slide your oven or fridge a few inches, grab your bottle of Windex first! Spray it liberally onto the floor in front of your appliance, which will help it slide along the floor with much less effort on your part. (Only recommended for Windex-safe surfaces — we’ll go over those near the end of this post!)

You can use Windex to clean and polish patent leather shoes.

5. Shine Patent Leather

Windex doesn’t just add shine to windows and mirrors—you can also use it to restore shine to patent leather! Just spray some Windex onto a soft lint-free cloth and wipe it over the surface to leave it clean and shiny.

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Stained white boards are no match for Windex.

6. Clean A Whiteboard

When erasing marker from a whiteboard, sometimes an eraser alone just won’t cut it! If the eraser is leaving behind marker residue, use Windex to cut through it then wipe the board clean with a soft, clean cloth.

Use Windex to clean and polish your plumbing fixtures.

7. Make Fixtures Sparkle

After cleaning the metal fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen, spray a clean, dry cloth with Windex and use it to shine your fixtures. You won’t believe how clean and shiny your fixtures look after a quick wipe with Windex!

Use Windex to treat stains on upholstery.

8. Remove Stains

If you happen to have the colorless/clear variety of Windex on hand, it makes a useful stain remover for both clothing and upholstery! Spray it onto the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse the stain thoroughly before washing or drying.

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You can use Windex to clean your jewelry and give it back its sparkle.

9. Clean Jewelry

One of my favorite Windex uses is occasional deep cleaning treatments that help keep jewelry clean and shiny! Just soak your jewelry in Windex for a minute or so to loosen any gunk or grime, then use a soft brush to scrub it away. Rinse well with clean water, then dry the jewelry thoroughly before wearing or storing.

BONUS: What Surfaces Can I Use Windex On?

Ammonia-free Windex is safe to use on mirrors, glass, chrome, stainless steel, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. If there’s one surface you shouldn’t use Windex on, it’s wood — it can cause wood to dry out and eventually crack, which is not what you want!

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