65 Times Designers Forgot Things Need To Be Cleaned When Creating Them, As Shared On This Facebook Group (New Pics)

'Things designed by people who don't have to clean them' is one of those Facebook group names that are specific enough to let you know what to expect but at the same time maintain a layer of vagueness that makes it hard to imagine what the content will look like exactly.

To illustrate this point, we at Bored Panda made a few publications about it which you can still find here and here.

But as time went on, this online community has kept active and successfully avoided Facebook's ban hammer, so we decided it was time for an update. Continue scrolling and check out the octopus sink, basement beach, and other things that have recently appeared on the group.

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#1 My Friends Friend Just Finished His ‘Dream Beach Basement’

Image credits: Jack Christensen

#2 This Sink At A House I Clean. Super Cool Looking But Terrible To Clean. I Have To Get A Brush And Brush It Also Their Walls Which Are In The Bathroom Are Fabric Thats Super Hard To Wipe Clean

Image credits: Cay Lindberg

#3 A Little Dust Catcher....

Image credits: Susan Steele Lienhart

#4 Marble That Looks Like Fabric Staircase Art

Image credits: Joumana Khalaf

#5 It Looks Cool, But There's No Way A Barbed Wire Grille Passes A State Safety Inspection

Image credits: Melissa Petersen

#6 Hold On! There Is A Pool Under The Bed

Image credits: Har Madden

#7 My Friend’s Mug. “I Just Rinse It” -The Owner

Image credits: Torrey Hirning

#8 It Might Have Seemed Like A Good Idea In The Beginning

Image credits: Nina Emma Marie

#9 These Restaurant Chandeliers

Image credits: Stevie Holcomb

#10 Looks Comfy. But Think About It For A Minute

Image credits: Tara Rose

#11 Full Body Floor Fitting Mirror Rabbit Slimming Rgb Mirror

Image credits: Jahara Smith

#12 This Lamp At The Hotel I'm Currently At For An Event Eta: Honestly Impressed By The Number Of People Seeing Hair, I Love It

Image credits: Martie Franzen

#13 Wow. Just Wow

Image credits: Teah Louise

#14 This Is For A Home Salon!

Image credits: Michelle Chow Jacoby

#15 Tumbleweed Chandelier; Talk Amongst Yourselves

Image credits: Kimberly Collier

#16 Thought The Group Would Like This

Image credits: Ranissha Smith

#17 I Like The Whimsical Vibe, But This House Belongs Here

Image credits: Eric Collins

#18 The Lift In A Hotel I Recently Stayed In It’s An Art Hotel In London Called The Exhibitionist, And It’s Full Of Fun Installations Like This One.

Image credits: Victoria Preston

#19 Victorian Aquarium, C.1880s (Purportedly)

Image credits: Sama Bellomo

#20 No Glass Needed

Image credits: Márkos Barnabás

#21 Found This On A Cleaning Job…

Image credits: Jordan Compagnone

#22 Is So Beautiful But It Would Be A Nightmare To Dust!

Image credits: Kay Rhan

#23 There Are 7 Of These Beautiful Fans In Our Beach Condo. Those Poor Cleaning People. You Know They Have To Roll Their Eyes When The See This Address Come Up On Their Schedule

Image credits: Andrea Long

#24 I Don’t Even Know What To Say About This. I Just Feel Kinda Uncomfortable Now. Have A Nice Day

Image credits: Moritz Msr

#25 Choice. I Would Never Feel Like This Was Clean, It Looks Like They Used To Adhere The Tiles To The Wall...

Image credits: Cari King

#26 Crumbs Crumbs Crumbs Dust

Image credits: Martin Kvinge

#27 And They End Up With Sand In Every Single Orifice Of Their Body

Image credits: Simplistically Living

#28 Beach Wear, No Less

Image credits: Randy Denham

#29 Corner Dust Guards For Stairs, I Felt They Belonged Here

Image credits: Gregory Norris

#30 So. Many. Crevices

Image credits: Carolann Hill

#31 Thinking This Does Belong Here

Image credits: Joseph Mosqueda

#32 I Smell Spiders In All The Pots

Image credits: Lam Ammon Si Yuen

#33 I Don’t Think Cookie Pockets Are Automatically Bad Design, But This One Is Really, Really Bad

Image credits: Ruby Torres

#34 I'm In Vegas Since My Birthday Was Yesterday And It's Only A 6 Hours Drive From Me. And This Is A Ceiling In The Bellagio

Image credits: Abby Koval

#35 Such A Terrible Design

Image credits: Ayri Miramontes

#36 This Toothbrush Holder...with No Drain Holes. Imagine The Slime

Image credits: Annis Ferrey

#37 These Knobs On My Gas Cooker, And Yes I Have Tried A Brush

Image credits: Catherine Dunn

#38 I Had A Genuine Physical Reaction To Seeing This Phone Case In H&m Today. Yuck!

Image credits: Hanna Ella Sandvik

#39 A Residential Toilet Brush?

Image credits: Rob Reed

#40 This Water Fountain Sold At Costco

Image credits: Christine Plante

#41 These Cursed Shower Fixtures…

Image credits: Jamie Scott

#42 I Have Questions

Image credits: Daniela Garcia

#43 Victorian Era Glass Feeding Bottle For Infants

These bottles became known as “murder bottles” and were a breeding ground for bacteria. They became a leading cause of infant death because they were so difficult to clean.

Image credits: Anne-Marie Boring

#44 The Bathroom Mirror At A *end Of Tenancy Clean I Had * To Add, I Am Not The Landlord. Nor The Tenant. I'm Just Hired To Clean When They Leave

Image credits: Serena-Grace Blake

#45 No

Image credits: Shaneece Temara

#46 From A Multimillion Dollar Home Listing-The Former Owners Did Not Have To Clean This

Image credits: Cuthbert Mortenson

#47 The Side Of My Toilet…

Whyyyy wouldn’t it be just plain flat? With all the condensation in a bathroom and lint/dust from towels and clothes this is just dumb. Not that hard to clean, but totally unnecessary, doesn’t even look good…

Since moving to the US I have the feeling you guys like to make stuff that’s extra annoying to clean

Image credits: Geza-Marie Waki

#48 Nope

Image credits: Jenni Pääsky

#49 Well That's A Dust Trap

Image credits: The Handyman

#50 This Glass A Friend Of Mine Gave Me. Unfortunately It's Not Dishwasher Safe And No Way That I'm Going To Try And Get This Clean By Hand. So Now I'm Contemplating On Turning It Into A Candle

Image credits: Sylvan Rotscheid

#51 Someone Put A Lot Of Work Into This Bathroom, But I Have Concerns

Image credits: Tameika Jayne

#52 I Doubt The Person Who Did This Actually Used Mod Podge, But The Thought Of Doing This With Mod Podge Is Hilarious And Horrible

Image credits: Noellie Spinelli

#53 Ok But Ew

Image credits: Sierra Lynn

#54 First And Last Time Shopping For Lamps At IKEA

Image credits: Pørcelain Waldon

#55 Destroy It

Image credits: Poeme Georgia Bailey

#56 I Present… The Poodle Table!

Image credits: Jessica Troutner

#57 I Love It But I Could Not Imagine

Image credits: Abbie Rose Carroll

#58 Bathroom Light Switch In A Local Cafe. I’m Sure It’s Hard To Completely Disinfect

Image credits: Sydney Sills

#59 Bathrooms With Breakdown-Inducing Auras

Image credits: Tanneth Bowmaker

#60 Maybe I'm Not Smart Enough To Know Why The Ridges Are There But Oh Boy, How Do I Clean This In A Timely Manner

Image credits: Celina Nicole

#61 When You Go To See A Doctor About Possibly Having Dust Allergy, And This Is In Their Lobby

Image credits: Mihhail Voronin

#62 Whimsical Scrabble Flooring In The Bathroom Built By Cedric And Kathie Lo Of Vancouver, Canada

There are approximately 7,000 Scrabble tiles on the floor, each individually laid by the owner. 

The actual installation of the tiles took two full days to complete. Entire floor was designed beforehand, and there are approximately 60 words that are hidden in the floor. 

The words include cities they have lived in, family members’ names and inside jokes.

Image credits: Avantgardens

#63 Trying To Clean The Weird Edges Of This

Image credits: Lizabeth Crump

#64 My Design Clients Want A Kitchen Remodel In Their New House Because They Hate Their "Wedding Cake Pantry"

Image credits: Barbara Greene

#65 Stole From A Friend's Page

Image credits: Todd Nestell