50+ Free Crochet Keychain Pattern Roundup

50+ Free Crochet Keychain Pattern Roundup

This is a highly requested roundup: KEYCHAINS! 

    I love the look of crocheted keychains. They're such a great way to add not only a touch of handmade but yarny love to your daily essentials!  You can attach them to your car keys, house keys, key fob, bag, purse, backpack, tote, or more.

    What I consider to be a suitable amigurumi keychain design would be something small, simple, yet expressive. With that in mind, I've compiled a list of free crochet patterns that would work great as keychains!

    Keychain hardwire

    The keychain making supplies that you need are pretty minimal!  Aside from the amigurumi itself, you'll just need to get yourself a keychain with a chain and jump ring.  This is what I use for mine: 

    If you want to go a little fancier, you can also try out lanyard keyrings with a swivel snap hook.  These are perfect to clip onto a lanyard if you're a student, teacher, school staff, counselor, nurse, or medical professional! 

    Adjusting a pattern for size

    A quick note about sizing. If the finished size for one pattern comes out larger than you want, and the recommended yarn is thick, you can use the same pattern but with thinner yarns and a smaller hook to have a smaller end result. The main thing is to make sure you are using a suitable hook with your yarn that allows you to crochet tightly enough, so that gaps do not appear between the stitches.  Some of my patterns below are made with super bulky plush yarn, and if you feel like the finished size is too large, you can follow the exact same pattern instructions using thinner yarns. I really love using Hobbii's Friends Cotton 8/4 yarn, which is a fingering weight #1 yarn for making keychains in particular. It's thin, but also 100% cotton and sturdy!

    New designs to come!

    This list is going to keep growing as I design more amigurumis that would make great keychains!  I will be sure to add to it.  Meanwhile, I'm also taking ideas.  I have sent out an email to my mailing list to ask for YOUR opinions on what you'd like to see as a keychain design. There have been lots of fantastic ideas so far, and I'll be working on some new designs from the list below!

    Keychain design ideas:

    • Sports keychains (e.g., baseball, baseball cap, football, beach ball)
    • Bugs (e.g., ladybugs, bees)
    • Plants (e.g., air plants, mushrooms, acorn)
    • Fruits (e.g., apple, banana, orange, pineapple, watermelon, strawberry)
    • Sweets (e.g., lollypop, candy, popsicle, cupcake)
    • Foods (e.g., sushi, coffee cup)
    • Globe
    • Planet
    • Rainbow
    • Book
    • Mini purse
    • Heart
    • Feather
    • Ball-shaped animals
    • Card-holder pouch 
    • Flag patch (e.g., pride flag)
    • Alphabet letters for name initials
    • Brooches

    Anyhow, you can PIN this page to your Pinterest crochet board to save for later!  

    Without further ado, let's check out the roundup of free patterns below!

    Free Pattern Roundup: Keychain Crochet Patterns

    Click on the title or picture to navigate to the pattern page. Happy crocheting!


    Worry Pet

    Easy and quick, this squishy "pet" is a great beginner-friendly buddy to make into a keychain. You can even fuzz up the yarn to make it look like "fur" by using a dog brush.


    Tiny-Rex is an adorable pocket dino pattern that requires NO SEWING! Yay! You can make a cute baby or keychain size with medium weight (or thinner) yarns. This pattern also comes with a full step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube channel

    Pocket Dragon

    The Pocket Dragon is Tiny-Rex's cousin! This little dragon may be tiny, but he's absolutely precious! He's a minimal-sew project as he's completely no-sew except for his wings.  This pattern comes with a full step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube channel too!

    Flipper Friends (3-in-1: Whale, Narwhal, Dolphin)

    The Flipper Friends is a 3-in-1 pattern that includes instructions for crocheting a pocket whale, narwhal, and dolphin! These underwater sea critters are crocheted in one piece (no-sew) and come with a free video tutorial. 

    Pocket People

    The Pocket People pattern is a no-sew doll that works up very quickly! They are easily customizable and can be made into "mini me" dolls. They have some head and hat accessories to choose from, including pigtails, a bonnet hood, and a baseball cap.

    Pocket Chicken Family

    The Pocket Chicken Family is a 3-in-1 pattern that includes a mother hen, baby chick, and their cozy nest. All three are crocheted in one piece (no-sew).  The chickens are available as a free video tutorial.  Great keychain choice for farm animal lovers!

    Good Luck Duck

    The Good Luck Duck is a pocket duckling pattern that is no-sew and works up very quickly!  A full, step-by-step video tutorial is available for this free pattern.

    Mosaic Goldfish

    The Mosaic Goldfish pattern features a colorful no-sew fish with 4 different scale designs to choose from! The ribbed tail and textured stitches on the body offers different sensory feels. This versatile pattern can also be customized with lots of different color combinations!

    Coral the Mermaid

    This sweet mermaid is perfect for mermaid lovers! 


    Octobuddy is a sweet octopus amigurumi that's perfect for calming down. They have squishy bodies, tentacles that provide lots of great texture and sensory input, and they look absolutely adorable. Comes in TWO sizes: big and small!

    Octopus Squish

    These little guys are also crocheted completely in one piece and look fantastic in different types of yarns/fibers.  You can also check out my free video tutorial on the pattern page if you want to crochet along with me!

    If you want an even smaller and faster octopus, try my free Baby Octopus pattern (also includes video tutorial), which takes only 10 minutes!  You can make it gift-worthy with the free Valentine's Day gift tags printable, which matches the octopus theme.

    Baby Jellyfish

    This baby jellyfish has a very squishable top and long coils that are calming to pull on, twirl, or fidget with.  I have both a "baby" and "mommy" size, so if the little one is too small, you have a big version to croche too!  What's awesome is that the Baby Jellyfish pattern is available as a downloadable PDF pattern, so be sure to check that out!
    The Catnap Kitties are crocheted in one piece and are addicting to make! Customize them using your favorite color combos. This pattern is part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!

    Bedtime Babies

    The Bedtime Babies is a human version of the Catnap Kitties above!  These little dolls come with bonnets that can be removed.  This pattern is part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!

    The Bedtime Bunnies are more rounded dolls than the similar-looking Catnap Kitties above.  They come with tiny bows.  This pattern is part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!
    The Comfort Critters are my favorite of this roundup because they have tiny limbs that are SO fast to work up!  If you're looking for that extra detail to stand out from the armless and legless dolls above, this one's it.  This pattern is also part of my Mini Dolls collection, meaning they fit in the tiny beds and carrying pouches (check out the last two patterns on this page)!

    Owl Bean

    This round owl plush would make a great keychain buddy!

    Some-Bunny to Love

    This cute bunny rabbit doll is another great keychain buddy to make!

    Teru Teru Bozu

    This adorable little ghostie keychain is a Japanese charm that is said to bring good weather! 

    Baby Squirrel

    Are you a squirrel lover? This little baby squirrel made with medium worsted weight yarn is a great size for a keychain! 

    Tiny Baby Yoda

    This one's for the Star Wars fans! Crochet your own little Grogu with this pattern.

    Kimono Kitty

    This sweet little cat doll wears a kimono and pretty flower on her ear! 

    Baby Bean Doll

    This small human body base pattern can be used to make all sorts of little humanoid dolls!  

    I have a few variations on my blog, including a witch, school girl, hula dancer, Anne of Green Gables, and more. Check out the roundup post of the Baby Bean Dolls Series to view each member of this collection and get to their free patterns!

    Pocket Pixie Dolls

    My Pocket Pixie collection all feature little dolls that are the perfect size for keychains. Their distinct style includes thin, dangly arms and legs.  Click into the roundup post to view all the dolls in this collection and get to their free patterns! 

    Bags and Pouches


    These cute beds are NO-SEW projects, meaning it's made using crochet methods only.  Very quick to work up and fun for little ones to tuck their dolls in!  Complete the mini dolls above by making it a play set with this bed.

    Carrying Bags / Pouches

    These tiny pouches are also NO-SEW, made using crochet methods only.  They can be turned into necklaces or keychain charms.  They're very quick to work up and are the perfect little carrying bags for taking the portable mini dolls on the go.

    Granny Square Bag

    This no-sew granny square bag would add an adorable pop of crochet to your tote or purse! 

    Sock to Sack

    This is a great way to upcycle old socks! These little sacks make adorable pouches for small knick-knacks. 

    Mini Christmas Stocking

    If you'd like a keychain to celebrate some holiday cheer, try this no-sew stocking pattern!

    Flowers, Plants, and Nature

    Baby Toadstool

    This adorable little mushroom doll is perfect for cottagecore lovers! 

    "Loving You" Flower Pot

    This sweet flower pot would make a great Mother's Day keychain! 

    Layered Rose & Leaves

    This pattern includes three-layered roses and leaves. You can make them into individual keychains, like a standalone leaf keychain. Or, you can also sew them together to make a combined rose and leaf keychain.

    If you'd like a smaller leaf, you can also try this Basic Crochet Leaf pattern below:

    Sakura Flower

    Pumpkin Head Doll

    You can make just the pumpkin part, or the entire pumpkin head doll to add some spooky-cute Halloween vibes! 

    Here's an alternate pumpkin design to try out, too!


    Mini Sweater

    This adorable little fair isle sweater doesn't require any sewing and can be made in endless color combinations!

    Baby Mary Jane Shoes

    Crochet this feminine baby shoe as a sweet gift to a new mother or mom-to-be! It can also be easily transformed into a ballet slipper for a little ballerina.


    Tiny Baby Donut

    This little donut is fun to make and add sprinkles to!

    Tiny Baby Ice Cream Cone

    This ice cream cone is just the perfect size for a keychain!

    Unicorn Macaron

    These cute unicorn macarons are sure to bring joy! 

    French Macaron

    Make a regular French macaron with this easy pattern!

    Pregnant Avocado

    This adorable avocado makes a great keychain for avocado lovers. 


    Butterfly Fairy Wings

    These pretty butterfly style fairy wings would be a lovely accessory to make!

    Stay tuned for more to come!

    Hope you will enjoy these patterns!  If you'd like to show your appreciation, I invite you to check out 5 Ways to Support my Blog.  Thank you so much for helping me keep this site running with free patterns!  

    Warm wishes,