5 Steps To Organizing Your Makeup & Decluttering Your Vanity

Do you find your makeup scattered everywhere around the house? Or how many times have you lost a lip balm in your pocket and never saw it again? Whether your collection is big or small, it’s time to streamline your products and organize them once and for all.

There’s nothing like a clutter-free vanity and seeing your beauty products arranged in their respective drawers and shelves. You’re going to have less stress in your day-to-day, plus you no longer have to deal with missing brushes or lipsticks.

Ahead, we’re sharing with you a comprehensive yet uncomplicated guide to fix your makeup drawer. From getting rid of old products to decorating your vanity, we have all the tips you need here.

Step 1: Do an inventory of your collection

Take note of all the makeup products you own, from foundations and concealers to eye shadow palettes and brushes. Listing everything down will give you a clearer idea of which ones to toss and keep. Next, pay attention to the products you use on a daily basis. Throughout the week, start separating your everyday makeup from the rest of your collection so that you can identify which ones to prioritize when you start organizing your makeup.

Step 2: Take everything out

You may think this step is counterproductive, but laying out all your products on the bed or ground (make sure it’s clean!) will give you one big picture of all the products you have. It will also be easier for you to sort your makeup and group them accordingly.

Step 3: Sort all your products

This is where things get fun (or frustrating). Sort your cosmetics by category. You can group them by formula, expiration dates, importance, season; it depends on your preference. For most people, it makes sense to separate their everyday makeup from special occasion items. It plays a part in determining what kind of organizer you’ll need.

Additionally, this step is the perfect time to clean and sanitize your beauty products, including storage bins and drawers.

Step 4: Choose the right organizer

If you’re planning to store your makeup on your vanity, it’s best to find organizers that stack. This allows you to customize storage. We recommend acrylic cases and drawers because, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they’re more accessible than other organizers. Utilize built-in dividers or make some to maximize storage for smaller items.

Here are recommendations that are worth checking out:

  • Lumina Pro’s Acrylic Makeup Organizer is one of the best and most affordable options on the market. They have a five-drawer acrylic box and a five-slot brush acrylic holder. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and stylish home for your makeup collection, this is an excellent option.
  • The Sorbus 7-Drawer Makeup Storage Case can store your cosmetics and jewelry in plain sight with its multi-drawer storage case.
  • The Countertop Makeup Tray Organizer from Sonia Kashuk™ keeps your bathroom stylishly sorted. You can bid goodbye to those last-minute searches for the right makeup brush or your bold lip color. Everything, from your favorite perfume to makeup and beauty tools, is corralled neatly away in the range of clear sections at hand.
  • This makeup organizer from Sephora is a two-piece makeup storage case with three large and four small drawers, plus a 16-cube organizer topper in clear pink acrylic. The convenient slot compartments on the top level keep items protected, upright, and in place.
  • The Jerrybox 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer multidimensionally organizes and stores your cosmetics; simply spin it to get easy access to all of your makeup products and keep your cosmetics within reach.

Feeling a bit creative? Recycling is key! Use pencil cups, old mason jars, and other similar containers to incorporate into your storage solution.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Lastly, make your vanity, shelves, and drawers more beautiful by adding a lighted mirror and other decorations. You’ll be surprised at how a mirror can make a huge difference in your beauty space’s overall look and appeal. You can also add a flower vase or a few scented candles to make your counter pop more.

No More Messy Vanity

We know how daunting organizing your makeup can be, but seeing your beauty counter all clean and organized will be worth it. We hope you can find a better storage solution for all your makeup and other accessories with the tips we mentioned above.

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