21 weird Amazon products that are incredibly useful

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Who hasn’t, at one point or another, found themselves digging into the deepest corners of Amazon, browsing through strange scalp massagers and toilet night lights, not quite sure of how they got there in the first place?

But all those weird, wild products exist for a reason—well, some of them do. We’ve sorted through the mess to find the products that are both eye-poppingly strange and solve a problem or two. These products are bizarre, but they work—and you can get them all on Amazon.
A desktop vacuum to keep your work area spotless Credit: E Ecsem
This vacuum sucks crumbs off the desk—and looks cute while doing it.

This tiny little vacuum cleaner—available in a ladybug or angry emoji-like pattern—is sure to become your new best bud, whether you use it on your desk, nightstand, dresser, or any other surface where dust, makeup residue, and crumbs collect. Reviewers love that it provides a quick way to suck up dirt and grit on laptop keyboards and speakers, and makes it easier to suck up glitter after a day of heavy-duty crafting.

“I honestly don't know why I didn't buy this sooner,” one reviewer writes. “I constantly find little crap that I miss when cleaning up and this little bugger saves the day every single time! My daughter even loves to use it—anything to get her to help with clean up gets an A+ from me.”

Get the Portable Desktop Vacuum on Amazon for $8.98
A water bottle cleaner to keep gunk out of your hydration source Credit: Bottle Bright
Funky water bottles are no match for these tablets.

Cleaning out water bottles can be a hassle. Most aren’t supposed to be put in the dishwasher, meaning you have to wash them out by hand—which, if you use soap and water, inevitably leaves a flavor of unmistakable sudsiness behind. That is, of course, unless you use Bottle Bright, a tablet that, when placed in a bottle and mixed with water, removes all remnants of anything previously inside it, with no flavored residue. Reviewers say they use it on water bottles, travel mugs, pressure cookers, hydration packs, and more.

“I seriously can't believe how well these little tablets work. I had the most disgusting HydroFlask coffee mug—I tried everything, and there was still a seemingly impenetrable layer of black sludge inside” one reviewer writes. “I let a tablet sit in each of my mugs for an hour or two, and the black sludge rinsed out COMPLETELY, without even scrubbing. They look brand new.”

Get Bottle Bright All-Natural Water Bottle Cleaner on Amazon for $8-$20.99
A scalp brush to stay flake-free Credit: Max Soft
This brush can help increase circulation in the scalp.

You might not think you need this funky-looking scalp brush, but a couple thousand reviewers say it’s become a non-negotiable addition to their grooming cabinet. The brush, made of a soft, flexible plastic, helps exfoliate the scalp and get shampoo into the roots of the hair for a deeper, more thorough clean.

“Not only do I have zero flakes now, I feel like using this does a way better job at working the shampoo in and getting your hair and scalp really clean,” one reviewer writes.

Get the Max Soft Hair Scalp Massager on Amazon for $6.98
A Wine Condom for safe booze storage Credit: Wine Condom
Silly name notwithstanding, these Wine Condoms really do work.

Keeping a halfway-gone bottle of wine fresh is a nearly impossible task. Or, at least, it was once a nearly impossible task, before Wine Condoms. A Wine Condom is, well, exactly what it sounds like—a piece of latex that rolls over a bottle opening and keeps the wine inside from oxidizing after opening. The cover fits flush against the bottle and creates an airtight, leak proof seal, locking out any wine contaminants and allowing easy fridge and pantry storage for the wine bottle.

Reviewers love that Wine Condoms can keep a bottle of wine going for a few days—and, of course, the opportunity they provide for double entendres.

“I got these as a gift for a family member that is a ‘wine aficionado’ partly for a laugh but also for their great concept,” one reviewer writes. “When she opened them I did get a huge laugh but once she realized what the were and the concept she was amazed and I have received confirmation from her that they work wonders and truly provide an airtight seal.”

Get a set of 6 Wine Condoms on Amazon for $13.97
A tea infuser perfect for when you want to share your cup with a friend Credit: Fred & Friends
You'll never drink tea alone again with this infuser.

We just tested a bunch tea infusers and were shocked to find that the best one is this manatee. (Or, ahem, manatea.) We loved that the manatee’s fins grip tight to the mug it’s placed in, holding firm even when tilted to drain the last drops of tea—and the fact that seeing the manatee’s head poking over a rim is cute enough to brighten anyone’s day doesn’t hurt, either.

Get the Fred & Friends Manatea Tea Infuser on Amazon for $9.99
A squatty potty for when you need extra assistance in the bathroom Credit: Squatty Potty
BMs become much easier with the Squatty Potty.

Real talk: does a Squatty Potty even count as “bizarre” anymore? At this point, it’s about as mainstream as a bowel accessory can be. All the same, we’re putting it on the list because the title “Squatty Potty” remains firmly in the realm of the ridiculous, and because the product is genuinely great. We declared it the “number one way to go number two” last year, thanks to its ability to provide “effortless” poops. If that’s not enough encouragement to get one, we don’t know what is.

Get the Squatty Potty Original Bathroom Stool on Amazon for $23.97
A toilet night light so you always know where to go Credit: LumiLight
Never misplace the toilet again.

This toilet light is more than just a gag gift (though, yes, it would make for a great gag gift, too). It attaches to a toilet seat and lights up when it’s dark and detects movement, making it perfect for a recently potty-trained kid—or any person who might get up in the night to use the toilet and doesn’t feel like switching on a lamp.

“Where has this been all my life?” one reviewer writes. “It’s strangely satisfying to enter into the bathroom in the dead of night and see the brilliant blue light glowing from between the lid and the seat.”

Get the LumiLight Advanced 16 Color Toilet Light on Amazon for $14.95
A car seat gap protector to keep track of your belongings Credit: Drop Stop
Never lose valuables between your car seats again.

Ever dropped something—your cell phone, glasses, a set of keys, some lip balm, a credit card—into the deep abyss between your car seats and the center console and known, deep in your heart, you’d never see it again in this lifetime? Well, think closely about that time, because if you get these car seat gap protectors, you’ll never experience it again. The Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler provides a buffer between the car seat and the console, so the next time you drop something, it’ll be right next to you, instead of deep in the crevasse, never to be seen again.

Get the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler on Amazon for $19.99
Therapy socks to give your feet some much-needed TLC Credit: NaturaCare
Achy feet will love these socks.

Swelling, bunions, sore arches, plantar fasciitis—no matter what you’ve got going on with your feet, these socks are sure to offer you some much-needed relief. The socks have removable foot-length gel inserts that slide into the bottom of the soles and tie up with a wide swath of elastic to keep them close to the feet. Reviewers say the socks soothe the feet after standing up for long periods of time, and the gel within the packs is soft enough that it’s possible to walk around the house in them if necessary.

Get the NaturaCare Therapy Socks on Amazon for $25.99
An icy—or hot—face mask to help you relax Credit: Ikisdo
Whether you've got a headache or sinus trouble, this mask will help soothe you.

Puffy eyes, congestion, and headaches are no match for this freezable—and heatable—gel mask. Reviewers say they use it for everything from relieving sinus congestion to icing out migraines to recovering after Botox and filler procedures, and that the mask stays warm for about 10 minutes and cold for about 15. They also like that this particular mask provides coverage where other masks might miss, but doesn’t feel suffocating.

“Hot or cold it works like a charm,” one reviewer writes. “Easy to warm up and easy to cool down. Fits perfectly and isn't heavy on one’s face.”

Get the Ikisdo Care Face Mask on Amazon for $9.99
A foot scrubber to get a massage whenever you’re in the shower Credit: Soapy Soles
Scrub your feet and get a good massage while doing so.

This suction-soled foot scrubber is a great way to buff the bottoms of your feet in the shower—without losing your balance. Reviewers love that the brush’s bristles provide a massaging feeling, and make it easy to clean feet without bending over, which is especially valuable for people with mobility issues.

“I have used other foot scrubbers, but this is by far the best I've ever tried,” one reviewer writes. “This product would make a great addition to any gift for the holidays. This particular scrubber does not have a top section to clean the top of your foot, but if you can curl your foot under, you can clean it just fine.”

Get the Soapy Soles Foot Scrubbing Pad & Massage on Amazon for $13.98
A ReadeRest to keep your glasses on you at all times Credit: ReadeRest
Have trouble keeping track of your reading glasses? These holders should help.

Having reading glasses that you take on and off is a surefire way to ensure at least one thing: that, at one point or another, you will misplace, abandon, or otherwise lose said reading glasses. But ReadeRest, a small eyeglass holder you stick onto a shirt with a magnetic clip, offers a way out of the cursed reading glasses cycle, simply by offering up an easy place to put them. It also works for employee ID badges and earbuds.

One reviewer likes her ReadeRest so much, she buys several different sets so she can give them to people who compliment her on them.

“I ordered twice since for friends and family,” she writes. “I also believe in ‘pass it on,’ if someone compliments me, I take if off and gift it because I know they will love it and I have extra ones at home.”

Get ReadeRest Twin Pack in Stainless Steel and Gunmetal on Amazon for $18.99
A portable campfire to create a rustic experience wherever you are Credit: Radiate
Campfire to go? Sure, why not.

This canister packs more of a punch than its four pounds might suggest—like, say, creating a roaring campfire no matter where you are. Though it looks like a regular candle, when you light it, it creates a fire similar to one you might get after several minutes of futzing with some wood and fire starters (so, probably best not to use it indoors).

“Do not be deceived, for the size this thing puts out some heat,” one reviewer writes. “Dead winter in the Pacific Northwest and I can sit outside for about 30 minutes and be comfortable a few feet away from a single Radiate.”’

Get the Radiate Portable Campfire on Amazon for $27.99
A selfie ring light so your self portraits are never left in the dark Credit: XINBAOHONG
Ensure your selfies will be at the top of your game with this attachable light.

Even the most casual of selfie-takers knows the (minor, but still) aggravation of finding the best light for a good self portrait. Well, submit to the agony no more with this clip-on ring light, which attaches to a phone and gives anyone who uses it the glowy, glamorous essence of an upper-tier influencer. If you’re worried about the ring light becoming an ostentatious nuisance, don’t—reviewers say it’s easy to take on and off in a jiffy, and is small enough to stow away in a small bag or clutch. And, speaking from personal experience, if you’re comfortable taking a selfie in public, you’ll be comfortable using a selfie light, too. The light is rechargeable and should work with any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Get the Portable Clip-On Selfie Light on Amazon for $6.99
A dog selfie stick to help your pup become an Insta celeb Credit: Pooch Selfie
Dogs might not love photos, but they do love tennis balls.

Speaking of selfies—ever wanted to snap the perfect photo of you and your pooch, only to find that they don’t really “get” the concept of hamming it up for the camera (and the importance of curating photos for your Instagram account)? If so, you need the Pooch Selfie, a device that attaches a colorful, squeak-able tennis ball atop a phone to capture the attention of your dog, and, potentially, any pet that can be captivated by tennis balls.

You also don’t need to use it for selfies. The ball works no matter which way the camera is facing, so your dog’s normally-tough-to-capture adorable-ness can be on display for the world to see, whether you’re in the photo or not.

Get the Original Pooch Selfie Stick on Amazon for $9.52
Emoji stress balls to let out your emotions in the most expressive way Credit: Big Mo's Toys
Squeeze away stress with this array of emoji balls.

Feeling stressed? If so, just squeeze the heck out of an emoji—stress ball, that is. These li’l guys are printed with a range of emotions, from happy to sad to scared to shocked, that perfectly express how you might feel in any given moment of the day.

The stress balls come in a set of 12, which makes them great for party favors, stocking stuffers, or storing on hand so you can pick which emoji best fits your mood when you need to let out some steam.

Get the Emoji Stress Relievers on Amazon for $8.99
A frying pan guard to keep your clothes oil-free Credit: Frywall
Keep your cooking tidy and precise with this frying wall.

Oil splatter is a mildly-annoying-to-very-painful nuisance home chefs know all too well. But this Frywall, which attaches around the lip of a pan, prevents hot liquid from sputtering out around it. It also provides a vent for steam, which helps ensure a perfectly-cooked omelette, burger, or veggie platter every time you decide to fry one up.

Get the Frywall 10 on Amazon for $21.95
An elevation exercise mask to maximize your workout Credit: TRAININGMASK
Not only is this mask great for training, it can also double as a Bane Halloween costume

No one can say that this mask doesn’t give the wearer a distinct look when it’s on. But it’s worth the funny glances, according to reviewers who say it helped improve their lung capacity and train for races at a higher elevation than they’re used to.

“Great product,” writes one reviewer. “It doesn't actually change the way your body processes oxygen like being at a higher elevation would. However, it makes your lungs work hard to get the oxygen they need.”

Get the Elevation Training Mask on Amazon for $39.99
A drain snake to ensure your drains actually do what they’re supposed to Credit: Vastar
Shower not emptying quickly enough? Try this tool.

Humans are mammals, mammals have hair, and mammals tend to shed all over the place. Most humans’ designated shedding place is the shower—which is something you may have noticed if, after a few shampoos, your drain stopped working the way it’s supposed to. The solution? A drain snake, a long, plastic instrument that yanks hair out of the tubes. Reviewers love that the drain snake actually does pull out gunk and hair, with the added bonus of a gross-yet-thrilling reveal of the horrors that lay within the tub.

“When my bathtub was taking over an hour to drain I decided it was time to try these out,” one reviewer writes. “After receiving it I went to work, within minutes it pulled out so much hair in both drains. It’s disturbing/disgusting yet weirdly satisfying because now my sinks drain!”

Get the Vastar Drain Snake 3-Pack on Amazon for $5.99
An apple corer to get the most out of your veggies Credit: Newness
Rid fruits and veggies of their cores with this tool.

This piece of metal might look like a spy instrument, or a special device of torture. But, in reality, it’s just a tool that removes cores from apples, pears, tomatoes, bell peppers, and any other fruit or vegetable that might need its innards taken out. (OK, maybe it’s a torture device for the veggies.) This makes it much easier to prep foods for baking, stir-frying, or even eating apples raw, if you—or your kids—don’t love eating around the core.

Get the Newness Apple Corer on Amazon for $8.49
A suction toy to make pet grooming easier Credit: Aquapaw
Even the antsiest of dogs will stand still for this suction toy.

If your dog is anxious, hyperactive, or just doesn’t love standing still under jets of water for too long, you probably already know that giving them a bath isn’t the easiest task. But even the most water-averse of pets will warm up to grooming with this suction-based mat you can stick to the wall by the shower or bath, fill with peanut butter, and let them work their way through as you give them a good scrub-down. Reviewers say it can also be used to keep dogs in one place when you’re doing chores—especially if they get freaked out by vacuum cleaners—and trimming nails.

“My French bulldog/pug mix loves this thing,” one reviewer writes. “It has allowed her to finally appreciate that baths and any other skin care I may be doing is to her advantage and not some sick stupid human trick she must endure. That on its own is worth far more than the cost.”

Get the Aquapaw Treat Dispensing Wall Suction on Amazon for $10.95

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