2020 UPDATE: EHD-Approved Artificial Trees And Garland Because They Make Life SO MUCH Easier (Plus Pretty Trimmings)

Last year, there was a BIG ask for our favorites shoppable Christmas decor items. SO this EHD styling elf scoured the internet to do just that…and we’re back with an update to that post. We are talking faux trees, tree stands, skirts, garlands, trimmings, OH MY. I mean, recommending beautiful decor is kinda one of our favorite things to do, so granting a wish you asked for is a straight-up no-brainer. I know we have already chatted about new styling ideas and going over our favorite vignettes from years past but now let’s get into the “add to cart” portion of the designing lesson, shall we? I mean if we know anything it’s that Christmas decor is selling out FAST!

First up, the most important piece to the holiday puzzle…the tree.

1. Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree | 2. 6ft. Pre-lit Flocked Alberta Spruce | 3. Faux Snowy Noble Fir | 4. Gold Frasier Tinsel Tree | 5. 7.5 ft. Colorado Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Warm White LED Lights | 6. Artificial Pre-Lit Aspe Fir | 7. 7.5 Dunhill Fir Christmas Tree | 8. Pre-Lit Big & Bright Faux Noble Fir | 9. 6.5ft Pine Pre-Lit Christmas Tree | 10. 7ft. Pre-lit Flocked Balsam Fir | 11. Kingswood Fir Artificial Christmas Tree | 12. 5.5ft Artificial Balsam Fir | 13. Pre-Lit Artificial Pine | 14. 7ft Pre-Lit Alberta Spruce Christmas Tree | 15. 7ft Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree Alberta Spruce

I’ve always been on Team “Real Tree” but there are some very convincing faux options on the market. AND the amazing thing about a faux tree is that a ton of them come pre-lit. SIGN ME UP. It takes out all of the light spacing, cord tangling stress and leaves only the fun ornament hanging. Speaking of ornaments, have you heard about Emily’s obsession with personalized Christmas ornaments? It’s her new favorite memory-hoarding hobby and this year she has already picked out some GREAT ones and has inspired me to expand my collection.

A tree really isn’t complete without a skirt or a tree stand right? You can’t just stick it anywhere and a tree without a tree skirt (or collar) is like wearing an awesome fancy dress with flip-flops. It’s just never okay. So to avoid this potential tragedy, here are our favorite tree stands, collars, and skirts.

1. Buffalo Plaid Tree Skirt | 2. Arhaus Tree Collar | 3. Krinner Tree Stand | 4. Cable Knit Tree Skirt | 5. Woven Wood Tree Collar | 6. Flake Velvet Burnt Gold Tree Skirt | 7. Ivory & Red Velvet Quilted Tree Skirt| 8. Round Jute Tree Skirt | 9. Rope Christmas Tree Collar | 10. Pom-Pom Tree Skirt | 11. Knit Pompom Christmas Tree Skirt | 12. Metal Tree Collar | 13. Galvanized Metal Tree Collar | 14. Geometric Tree Stand | 15. Moroccan Style Wedding Blanket Tree Skirt | 16. Faux Fur Tree Skirt | 17. Cable Knit Christmas Tree Skirt | 18. Square Rattan Basket | 19. Red Tassel Christmas Tree Collar | 20. Cosmopolitan Tree Stand | 21. Bash Gold Tree Collar

While I finally have a beautiful tree skirt (massive upgrade from last year’s “blanket”) I realllly love #6. How STUNNING is it? But I also love #5, #8 and #11.

Next up, we have all the faux garlands and wreaths of your dreams.

1. Large Eucalyptus Red Berry Wreath | 2. 5ft Mountain Pine & Berries Garland | 3. Dried Wreath | 4. Faux Cedar Garland | 5. Cypress Wreath | 6. 6′ Faux Mistletoe with Red Berries Garland | 7. Champagne Phoenix Wreath | 8. Pom Pom Wreath | 9. Unlit Red Berry/Pine Cone Artificial Garland | 10. 6ft Mixed Greenery Artificial Garland | 11. Faux Magnolia Wreath | 12. 6ft Faux White Berry Pine Garland | 13. Faux Larch Wreath | 14. 72″ x 6″ Artificial Magnolia Leaves Garland | 15. 24″ Faux Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath

Aside from a tree (of course), garlands and wreaths have the next biggest visual impact when it comes to holiday decor. I really love the delicateness of #4. It feels modern but approachable. #6 is also very intriguing and is a great mix of modern and traditional. While none of these are pre-lit, you can always use Emily’s hack and wrap them with tiny fairy lights to add in some twinkle and whimsy.

Now let’s get into some decor…

1. Handcrafted German Beechwood Tree Topper | 2. LED Shining Star Tree Topper | 3. Burst Silver Tree Topper | 4. Embroidered Beaded Felt Tree Topper | 5. Italian Star Tree Topper | 6. Glitter Gold 3D Star Tree Topper | 7. Beaded Metal Star With Gems Tree Topper | 8. Farmhouse Tree Topper | 9. Vintage Gold Faceted Star Light Up Tree Topper

A tree topper is a VERY personal choice. It’s also an opportunity to create a family heirloom. My favorite part about decorating our tree growing up us putting up our topper on once we were finished decorating. It’s like the cherry on top of a delicious sunday. And while I am sure no one is surprised, #1 is one of my favorites. It’s beautiful, simple, and yet so intricate. I also love #4 and #7 because they give me a vintage feel which, at least this year, is what I need.

And lastly, we won’t leave you hanging… only your (new) stockings:)

1. Traditional Solid Green Velvet Stocking | 2. Basic Stocking Holder | 3. Plaid Boucle Stocking | 4. Textured Dot Stocking | 5. Stripe Knit Christmas Stocking | 6. Home Sweet Home Stocking Holder | 7. Bottle Brush Stocking Holder | 8. Nori Stocking | 9. Woven Plaid with Poms Stocking | 10. Holiday Stocking with Braided Tassels | 11. Reindeer Stocking Holder | 12. Chunky Knit Stocking | 13. Metal Fawn Stocking Holder | 14. Knitted Christmas Stocking | 15. Greenery Stocking Holder with Pinecones | 16. Natural Fair Isle Stocking | 17. Brass & Marble Nutcracker Stocking Holder | 18. Channel Quilted Velvet Personalized Stockings | 19. Chalet Zinc Stocking Holder | 20. Red And Ivory Stripe Knit Stocking | 21. Merry & Bright Stocking Holder

This year has me very excited about stocking holders because I actually have a fireplace! I have my eye on #6, #13, and #19 because they are special but simple. But also how cute is #7?! Now for stockings, I love all of them but #12 is really pulling at my heartstrings for some reason:) Classic and festive.

Hope you are now completely filled with the holiday decorating spirit. We know it feels early but think how much MORE time you’ll be in the holiday spirit?? So what are your favorites? Do any of you have these items and recommend them or don’t? Let us know in the comments.

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Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Our Living Room Holiday Reveal

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