15 Weird Things You Don’t Know What They Are or What They’re For…

From time to time we come cross an object that looks like… nothing. Luckily, there are some good people in this world who are always ready to help us work such secrets out. And there is nothing to puzzle them.

Let’s take a look at another collection of some weird items.

#1 ‘We have got a few like this at home and we have got no idea what they are for.’


The answer: these are cheap rubber bands that prevent books from opening inside bags.

#2 ‘What is my present for? These metal pieces are hollow inside. The white pieces are made of plastic and they fit the metal ones, perhaps they’re for cleaning them.


The answer: These are multiple-use drinking straws. And the brush is indeed for cleaning them.

#3 ‘This luxurious hotel has got this shallow bath with two chambers. What for?’


The answer: It is quite common in German resorts. One of the chambers is to immerse your feet and warm water and the other to do the same in cold for a change. This is to improve blood circulation

#4 ‘I have found four capsules like this and they are all filled with some kind of metal shavings.’


The answer: This is a nutritional supplement for ruminant animals, for example cows.

#5 ‘ A friend of mine found it in a store. Is it a kind of tool belt?’


The answer: It’s fishing rod holder.

#6 ‘What are these threads coming out of my saltines?


The answer: this are chirped edges of transmitters that take the saltines along the production line.

#7 ‘Two flat metal rings with long stems with hinges fixed to them. No markings. Found in a new kitchen.’


The answer: these accessories are used for extinguishing the gel fuel in a fireplace.

#8 ‘An old tool, roughly the size of a banana, found in an old barn in Sweden. A wooden handle with a rusty pointed tip. What could it be?’


The answer: it’s a garden tool used for sowing.

#9 ‘Something made of wire, looping like an old carpet beater. What is it?


The answer: it’s a modern decorative accessory, in fact designed to look like an old carpet beater.

#10 ‘It belongs to my grandmother. It’s got two clips and it spins.’


The answer: It is a so-called double twister, as it can twist two bands at a time.

#11 ‘What are the two wooden kitchen utensils that I got as a present?’


The answer: It’s a kind of flexible mat. When you put one on another, you can easily store them in a drawer. Put on the kitchen top apart from each other they will prevent the top from getting burned.

#12 ‘An eye ball that looks almost real one, or one made of glass. There are three holes in the metal piece. I found it on a flea market.’


The answer: I happen to have one ! This is a key ring that a company manufacturing glass eyeballs for taxidermy gives away as promotional gadgets.

#13 ‘What are the creatures behind my curtains?’


The answer: These are nests of wasps where they lay their eggs.

#14 ‘Modular bent wooden pieces with two holes in each. What is it?’


The answer: It could probably be a candle holder made during craft classes at school

#15 ‘Found inside a musical instrument. It’s the size of a large grape. What is it?


The answer: It’s a ball of dust, quite common inside violins. People sometimes call it ‘a mouse’.

Which answer surprised you the most?

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