13 Simple Tricks to Make Cleaning and Everyday Activities Easier

Many everyday situations can seem clumsy and require spend a significant amount of time on them. Fortunately, if you learn a few simple tricks, you can make some of these challenges much easier on yourself.

Here are 13 lifehacks that can make your life easier.

#1 Clean Stained Walls With a Hair Dryer


Your child scribbled on the wall with wax crayons, or you made a very similar stain yourself? You can clean it very easily with a hair dryer. It easily melts the wax from the crayons, and you can remove the paint from the wall with a cloth.

#2 Watch Videos in The Shower or Bathtub ,Phone Holder

MrZekaFox / reddit

A car phone holder will come in handy in any bathroom if you like watching videos in the bath or shower. Only then we advise you to put your phone in a zipper bag or water proof
, so you don’t splash it 😉

#3 Use Cooking Oil On Your Hands Before Slicing Hot Peppers Or Other Spicy Vegetables


This is a salutary solution for anyone who doesn’t want to suffer while slicing jalapenos and similar vegetables. All it takes is a few drops, which can then be easily washed off with any product.

#4 A Mixture of Olive Oil And Vinegar as a Cleaning Agent


The fact that vinegar is a popular cleaning agent is nothing new. But if you mix it with olive oil, you get a miracle cure for a lot of dirt – vinegar completely removes all sorts of stains, and olive oil provides a radiant shine.

#5 Use Shaving Cream To Remove Urine Odor


If your pet happens to pee not always in the place where he should, you can easily remove that unpleasant and distinctive smell with the help of shaving cream. Just apply it to the contaminated area and wait a while, then remove the whole thing.

#6 Make an Electric Grout Cleaning Brush

All you need is a drill and an old toothbrush to have your all-purpose grout cleaning brush that can handle any dirt.

#7 Microfiber Cloths For Chemical-Free Cleaning


Microfiber cloths should be in every kitchen because they clean surfaces without any additional cleaning agent. When dry, they absorb dust particles, and when wet they can even remove grease residue without leaving a residue. This is because the small fibers of the fabric are arranged in a wedge, making them particularly effective at grabbing dirt.

#8 Refresh Your Carpet With A Squeegee


This is an important trick especially for pet owners: if you drag the shower squeegee across the carpet, not only will you effectively remove pet hair, but you will also rearrange the carpet fibers, making it seem instantly fluffier.

#9 Use Hand Sanitizer to Instantly Freshen Your Armpits

Pablito Sobaco Valenzuela/Wikimedia

If you happen to sweat easily, use hand sanitizer. It’s very effective at fighting the bacteria that cause bad odors and will remove them instantly, and the sanitizer will not have a scent for too long. Don’t use this trick too often though – sanitizers are very irritating to the skin.

#10 Use A Dry Erase Board Marker On Your Fridge


Write your shopping list or important notes directly on your fridge door with a whiteboard marker. This way you will definitely not miss these things, and when something becomes outdated you will be able to erase it very easily.

#11 Add a Small Pinch of Salt to Smooth the Taste of Overly Bitter Coffee

Julius Schorzman/Wikimedia

If by chance your morning coffee came out too bitter, you can fix it. Try adding a small pinch of salt and the taste should improve. Just don’t overdo the amount!

#12 How to Store Headphones in a Pill Container

drumdude92 / reddit

If you have any small, openable container, use it to store your headphones. The container from the photo has been serving the internet user for a few years now!

#13 Use Makeup Remover on Deodorant Stains


If your white shirts bear yellowish marks that are the residue of deodorant, you can try to remove them with the most ordinary makeup remover wipes. They do a great job with this type of residue.

#Bonus: removing the tape without tearing off the label !

Let us know what you think of these tricks !

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