13 Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces To Try

Mason jar centerpieces are one of the most versatile accents you can decorate with. Today’s tutorial features a roundup of rustic elements!

Mason Jar Centerpieces For A Rustic Style

Mason jar centerpieces are a hit for a good reason. They’re incredibly easy to style, so practical, and can be used and decorated in more ways than one. Here’s a roundup of the ways I give my mason jars a charming rustic style:


1. Tree Of Life Photo Centerpiece

Gather some twigs and black and white photos to make a tree of life photo centerpiece. Simply punch a hole on the top part of the image and tie a ribbon on it to hang on the twig. That's all it takes!

2. Chalkboard Candle Light

Chalkboard Candle Light | Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces
image via DIY Projects

This chalkboard candlelight is great for anyone who loves to doodle with chalk. Start by marking an oval on the mason jar — this will be the area where the candlelight can shine through. Then, paint the remaining space outside of the oval with chalkboard paint. Once the paint has dried, simply decorate the centerpiece with some twine and you’re all set!

3. Rustic Wedding Centerpiece 

Prepping for a rustic wedding anytime soon? Use your mason jar as a vase and decorate it with some lace trimmings, twine, and a button. Don’t forget to put a handful of flowers inside the jar as well.

Tip: Place the vase on top of a tree stump for a truly rustic look.

4. Twine Wrapped Jars

I’ve found this tutorial to work amazingly well on mason jars! It’s so simple to do. Just grab your hot glue gun and stick on the twine. Make sure to go around the entire jar, leaving no spaces in between. Once you’ve reached the top, snip off the end and voila! You’re all done!

5. Boxed Centerpiece

I just love how this tutorial makes use of scrap material to make the box for the mason jars. The customized message of “love” at the bottom makes for such a lovely finish as well.

Tip: Give your box a gray-washed look by putting some paint on your brush and giving it a dip in water before applying on the wood.

Because a little extra dough won't hurt! Amirite, crafters? 😉 https://t.co/MNLhr5G5x4 pic.twitter.com/sfe55LRMtP

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6. Distressed Mason Jars

These distressed mason jars look like something bought from a home store. All you have to do is paint on a few coats of acrylic paint on the jar. Once the paint has dried, proceed to sand a few areas with sandpaper.

7. Lemon Slice Vase

This lemon slice vase will bring a refreshing and homey touch to your rustic abode.

Tip: To help stack the lemon slices around the edges of the vase, place the leftover lemon ends inside the jar first. Then, begin arranging your slices against the wall of the jar.

8. Chalk Paint Mason Jars

This tutorial makes use of one of my favorite types of paint: chalk paint! Begin by picking 2 colors of your choice. Then, paint the jar with your darker colored paint. Once dried, paint over it with the lighter colored paint. Give it at least an hour to dry, then, start sanding to give your jars a distressed look.

Tip: DIY your own chalk paint with the following steps: Simply mix together equal parts of plaster of Paris and cold water. Once there are no lumps, add a cup of later paint and stir well.

9. Fishnet Wrapped

This fishnet wrapped centerpiece may look intimidating at first, but it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Simply start by tying a piece of twine around the mouth of the jar. Once that’s done, prep your other twine pieces by cutting them into lengths of 32”. Fold these in half and make a loop, making sure to tuck the twine into the initial piece placed in the jar's mouth. Then, take the ends of the folded twine and insert them through the loop. Tighten into a knot and repeat until you reach the end.

10. Succulent Centerpiece

Turn your glass jars into little succulent planters you can use as centerpieces. Begin by placing gravel at the bottom of your glass jar. Then, add your soil followed by your chosen plant. Don't forget to bury the plant's roots in the soil to help it grow.

11. A Patriotic Centerpiece

Show off your love for the good old red, white, and blue, with this flag inspired centerpiece. Did I mention you could choose to spray paint the jars with a metal primer as well? A note though, it might not be as easy to distress compared to acrylic paint. But it's definitely one way to use up the remaining metal primer you have stored in the shed.

12. Tea Light Candle Holder

Not a fan of painted mason jar centerpieces? No worries, this DIY project is just for you! Simply tie strings of twine around the jar’s mouth, pour some water in, and plop a tea light candle inside.

13. Firefly Lantern Centerpiece

These firefly lanterns are perfect for setting up your room’s rustic charm. Simply place string lights and dried moss inside your mason jar. Turn the switch on for the lights and you’ve got a nice muted lantern centerpiece for your living room.


Looking for more mason jar centerpieces? Check out these gorgeously glittered ones by pressing play on the video below:

What’d I tell you? Aren’t these mason jar centerpieces so easy and incredibly creative? It’s no wonder why they have such a cult fan base. Mason jars are gems in the DIY world!

Let us know which mason jar centerpiece you’ll be making for your home by leaving a comment below!

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