10 Ideas To Spruce Up the Design of Your Kids Bathroom

10 Ideas To Spruce Up the Design of Your Kids Bathroom

The kids bathroom is definitely one room you may dread having to come up with ideas for. How do you make it fun and interesting for them, yet keep it within the realm of the same decorating motif you have going for the rest of your home? It can be a challenge to get kids to want to spend the adequate time they need to in a bathroom, learning the ins and outs of self grooming, so to create a space that echos their favorite things and interests, can make it a bit easier to usher them to the bathroom that was designed solely with them in mind. If you are at a loss of ideas of what to do to update your kids bathroom, then read on, we have 10 ideas to spruce up the design of your kids bathroom that can help inspire you.

1. Stencil or stick-on accents are fun

It may seem like the most likely thing to do, to paint, or re-paint the entire bathroom to add color to a dull or colorless space, or maybe change up whats already there, however, not all bathrooms need to undergo that major of a transformation in order to add a pop, or change of color to your kids bathroom. If you have tiles in the bathroom, perhaps around the tub, in the shower stall, or as a backsplash, just by using a little creativity, you can give the bathroom a new look by stenciling patterns or designs on the tiles. If you dont want to take the time to do stencil work, stick-on accents are just as effective in creating a unique look. Choose random tiles (that are in good condition), and make the tiles Pop!

2. Stretch the stencil pattern to other areas of the bathroom

According to How Stuff Works, while youre stenciling or adding stick-on accents to tiles, another way to create a cohesive look throughout the bathroom is to continue the pattern onto a few other areas, for instance, add a few of stencils to the toothbrush holder, a garbage can, a rubber bathmat, a drinking cup, or any other decor accent item that could be brought into the decor scheme.

3. Spruce it up with simple themes

Sprucing up a bathroom for your kids doesnt mean you have to go all-out and change the entire bathroom into an overstated theme. Sometimes the more simplistic ideas can be just as fresh and beautiful as a big overhaul job. Start by picking a simple theme that centers around a particular color, a theme, or even a favorite photograph, can be enough to go on. Simple beachy colors and decor items can bring a whole new look and feel to a bathroom, or a bathroom that centers around your childs favorite color; such as yellow or blue, can be a great way to revamp the space. Look for ideas from favorite pictures of vacations or scenery pictures to draw inspiration from.

4. More than one kid needs more than one vanity

Kids are naturally going to want their own personal space to do what they need to do. Even in a bathroom, sharing something like a sink can somehow seem like an impossible request, so if you have more than one kid, why not get rid of the long vanity or one-sink vanity and opt for a more modern look and install two separate vanities and let your kids claim their own personal space. Two separate vanities can open up some space in your bathroom too, making it look and feel a bit more spacious, plus helps cut back on time spent with one, waiting for the other to finish their tasks, says, HGTV, on kid bathroom designs.

5. Hooks are great, so add several

Multiple kids means, multiple towels, clothing items, robes, and who knows what else they like to hang. It seems like no matter how many times you say it, getting kids to hang up their towels is an impossible feat. Towel bars can be hard to reach and hard for kids to hang a towel neatly over, so make things easier, and give your kids bathroom a more kid-friendly look with the use of hooks. With so many types of hooks available, you can choose anything from hooks in cool metal finishes, painted hooks, ceramic, and more. You can find hooks that match the bathroom decor and when you install them at your kids level, you will have a much easier time getting them to keep their towel off the floor.

6. Revamp the shower to include lots of built-ins

As kids get older, baths suddenly sound boring and showers are the preferred way kids like to get cleaned up. Not all showers have the space to store many shower items, from shampoo bottles, to soap, wash cloths and other shower items. You can include cubbies in any shower, however, when it comes to designing a shower in your kids bathroom, keep cubbies at eye-level to make it easy for them to reach all their shower products, which obviously makes it easy for them to reach their shower items, but it can also help prevent slip and fall accidents when things are out of reach.

7. Choose cabinetry and storage that works for kids

Little hands need easy-access to things in the bathroom. You want your kids to start learning how to put things away and to be able to get the things they need when it comes to washing their hands, grooming, and brushing their teeth. Maybe they have a little laundry basket stowed away under a cabinet they need to get to easily. Choose cabinets that open and close easily for easy access for kids with small hands. Cabinets with multiple types of storage to fit their needs can be beneficial to helping to teach your children how to pick up after themselves if they know there is a place for everything. Consider a set of cabinets with unique features, like a pullout step stool, or door that leads to a hidden laundry basket for easy disposal of dirty clothes.

8. Give the walls some character

Walls can seem awfully boring if you leave them without color or character in some way. Aside the main features of a bathroom, such as the usual fixtures, the walls take up a major portion of the bathroom, so why not give them some character and a reason to be admired? Aside painting the walls, there are other ways to incorporate some charm; for instance, going with your color scheme, add some colorful, scalloped tile wainscoting on the wall, or a beautiful shiplap to a beachy or country cottage theme, or create a beautiful tile pattern that boasts your kids favorite colors. There are many ways to make the walls come to life; so get creative with your kids and design a beautiful wall decor theme for their very own bathroom.

9. Unique lighting can complete the design theme

Lighting is one of the biggest components in any room. Its not only used for functional reasons, but it adds to the decor theme to complete a look. The bathroom is probably one of the most important rooms for good functional, or task lighting, but you can also have some fun with your lighting choice and make it fun and interesting for your kids bathroom. Hang a unique light fixture over the tub to make the tub seem more inviting at bath time; something whimsical, or sporty, like a baseball light for your sport-loving son, or a pretty princess chandelier for your little princess.

10. Add a little entertainment

Yes, thats right, entertainment. In todays technological world, its not difficult to add entertainment to areas you wouldnt have thought of before. One idea from Pottery Barn Kids, is to use waterproof Bluetooth speakers for your kids bathroom to give them a little music and entertainment while they take care of business. While they shower or bathe, brush their teeth or take care o business, theres nothing like a little music to help motivate you to get the job done.

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